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Creating a website is only the beginning.

In simple terms, i3 is a website design firm. We know there are millions of people who say they can build you a website – your brother, sister, cousin, the kid down the street, maybe even your neighbor.

What really sets i3 apart is our belief that creating a website is only the beginning. A short 20 years ago, the thought behind websites was that everyone needed one with no thought for how to use it once you had one.

Now, with close to 2 million websites on the internet, you need to do more than build a website and hope people will find you. That is where i3 can help. We believe in making your website work for you.

Your website should be generating leads for your business 24 hours a day. You hire employees to help you accomplish goals. You should look at your website the same way.

Your website is for creating new business opportunities for you. You can judge its value with the same metrics as your employees. If your site isn’t accomplishing your goals, it is time for a change.

Here are three reasons why your website may need to be handed a pink slip.

Search Engine Visibility: Does it Show Up for Work?

Your website should appear in the results for the search terms and phrases that are relevant to your services and products to improve your chances of potential clients finding you.

Content Management: Is it Easy to Work With?

Does your website have contact information, including a phone number, in an easy-to-find location? Is the content indexable by search engines?

Poor Website Design: It shows up to work in food-stained clothes?

Very few companies expect you to show up to work in a suit. However, managers would prefer that you not arrive in the clothes you slept in last night. Your website is the first impression of your business.

It is not the 1990’s anymore – your website is meant to work for you. Ask yourself: is your employee “showing up to work?”

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