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Content is King

In marketing, Content is King! Learn more tips involving content marketing from Frankie here, then don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more marketing tips on various topics: #i3mediasolutions #content #contentmarketing #business #marketing

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Duplicate Content

Today we'd like to chat with you about duplicate content! Duplicate content is also known as curated or syndicated content. If you're ever told to copy and paste certain information into your social media, website, or your blog, typically that's…

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Ten Tips for Content Creation

Creative content is the foundation of any marketing plan-- collateral, digital, or otherwise. In order to gain attention and turn those first impressions into business relationships, you'll need content that not only stands out, but that clearly conveys your message.…

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The Future of Your Business

People visit your website to get to know you better. Potential and existing customers want to learn more about your staff, products and services. While it's important to communicate your company's history, did you know it's also a good idea to tell…

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