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How to Share Your Story to Market Your Business

You’re probably familiar with famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Walt Disney, because their stories are always being shared. Their brands have utilized the human emotion behind their stories to market for decades. Now, they’re household names. Your business doesn’t need to be a giant in their industry to benefit from marketing like this! Anyone can achieve results with this same strategy. Let’s talk about marketing your story!

How did your business begin?

Now, you may not have been dreaming of the idea all of your life or have built it from the ground from your garage. However, every story deserves to be shared. Maybe you inherited your business and have a history of it within your family to share. Or, maybe you’ve saved up for years in order to start working for yourself after a long career. Whatever your start was, that story deserves to be shared!

Now, let’s talk about some ways to approach sharing your story.

First of all, word of mouth may be the most natural form of this. So, tell your clients, connections, and other business owners your story in-person. These conversations might be one of the easiest ways to get started.

Social media is another amazing tool for this!

Next, utilizing popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can include posts and pictures that tell your story to your audience. If you’re already marketing through these platforms, that’s great! Thread in some posts that are based on you and your story. Then, share more personal pictures and speak from your perspective. Your business descriptions are another way to implement sharing what makes your story special. Facebook even has a section of your business profile that’s dedicated to this!

Your website isn’t just about marketing your business!

Your website is an avenue for you to introduce someone to your business. Showcase what makes it unique and share your story along the way. If you haven’t already added at least an about page to your website, then make sure to do so! This page should include at least one picture of you and then, some information about how your business started. You may also want to share why you’re interested in the field, or why you have a passion for what you do.

These are some great routes for starting to share your story. Ideally, you can share it every day by weaving it into all of your marketing. It may be as simple as referring to your business as your ‘family business’ or ‘your dream’. We’d recommend starting now, because sharing a story people can connect with can make a huge impact.

We’d love to help you share your story! Let’s set up a free consultation to chat about your business.

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