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How to Recycle and Re-Use Your Social Media Content

How to Recycle and Re-Use Your Social Media Content

Social media content isn’t for one-time use. All of the work you put into collecting images, videos, and content for your accounts don’t need to go to waste after being used just once! While you won’t want to consistently share the same thing over and over again, you can re-use the same content without diminishing interest.

Here’s how we recommend you recycle your social media content:

1. Make the same post across platforms.

You don’t need to change your post for every platform you use– in fact, some social media platforms will even enable you to post across multiple channels at a time. While small adjustments may need to be made, like shortening caption length for X or deleting links for Instagram, this is a simple and effective time-saving solution.

2. Utilize the same pictures and videos for multiple posts.

Now, you may want to wait at least a few posts in-between when re-using media so you don’t confuse your audience, but re-using it isn’t a problem. We’d especially recommend finding ways to share the same media with different posting methods or with different messages. For instance, you could share the same video in your Story, and a few days later as a Reel, and then a week later than that, as a post.

3. Re-post your most popular content.

What was your most popular content last month? Why not re-post it? A month is generally long enough of a time for your audience to need a bit of a reminder. This is your opportunity to re-use the same content that performed well for your business again! If one of your posts goes viral or gets incredible reach, then you should really consider re-posting it from time to time to draw in your ideal audience.

Re-using the same content for social media isn’t a crime! Just ensure that you consider how it may appear to your audience. If you see the same thing on two different platforms, that’s no problem. However, you won’t want to read the same post twice a week. Using this advice, we recommend you go forward with recycling your content at an interval that makes sense to you!

If you need more help creating, managing, or sharing your content on social media, we’d love to chat!

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