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Over 20 years of making an impact in our Tucson community!

22 years in business

$26,065 donated to local nonprofits

2,021 websites designed

113 logos designed

We are a creative digital marketing team with an eye for detail, a heart for service, and a gift for solving problems.

Our team helps with a wide variety of digital marketing needs. Choose your path:

i3 Media Solutions is a creative digital marketing agency that provides a wide variety of marketing services, including website design, social media, search engine optimization, and more! We work with businesses of all types and sizes, from solo entrepreneurs and small local businesses to companies that have hundreds of employees. Our team can craft individual marketing strategies to work for any business!

I am just getting started with my business.

We can help you create a brand with personality, using the right digital marketing platforms to find your ideal clients. Let’s get started with branding and marketing coaching to help in creating your website and getting started on social media.

Help! I am ready to step up our digital marketing and I need help.

Start by letting our experts review your current digital marketing efforts. We’re here to help you strengthen and optimize your marketing, no matter where you’re at. Our team can redesign your website, update your branding, or even create content for you!

We are ready to let someone else take over our digital marketing!

We’re digital marketing experts and we’re ready to take the reins, completing website updates, creating and publishing content, and engaging with your audience over social media to continue reaching your current and ideal clients.

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Social Circle

The difference between being a business owner and being a successful business owner is the power of your connections! Do you want to make more friends that support your business goals? Social Circle is for you!

Insight2Income Digital Marketing Program

Want to start being authentic, strategic, and productive with your digital marketing?

Let’s make your marketing efforts turn into worthwhile sales conversions! In this group, you’ll join like-minded business professionals to discuss, learn, and navigate digital marketing techniques and how to make the most of them for your business’ success.

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FREE Digital Marketing Review

Are you working with a marketing agency, but not getting results?
Learn more.

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Meet Our Founder!

Hi there, I’m Frankie. Marketing Queen. Entrepreneur at heart. Dog lover. Sun worshiper. Ocean admirer. Coffee drinker.

Learn more about me and our team here!

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at your service

What Our Clients Have To Say

i3 Media Solutions is an exceptional company to work with. Their skills and execution play a significant role in the growth of my business. Their ease of management with all media sources is unmatched. I highly recommend their services.

Our Favorite Digital Marketing Tips!

5 Ways to Give Your Email Newsletter a Better Impact blog image

5 Ways to Give Your Email Newsletter a Better Impact

Whether you’re just starting – or already running – an email newsletter, we’re here to help improve your results! We’re here to explain some do’s and don’ts as well as WHY certain approaches work. Let’s get to it! Here are 5 ways to give your email newsletter a better impact: 1. Maintain your contact list!…


6 Instagram Features You Should be Using image

6 Instagram Features You Should be Using

Are you using all of the latest Instagram features? While not all of them are important to your business, here’s a list of some we find helpful! Let’s get your marketing strategy up-to-date! We recommend getting to know these features and starting to implement them in your social media marketing: 1. Start a broadcast channel!…


4 Fun and Unique Ways Big Brands Are Marketing – Marketing Inspiration image

4 Fun and Unique Ways Big Brands Are Marketing – Marketing Inspiration

Want to learn about marketing, without getting bored? Need a little marketing inspiration for making it fun for your business? One great way to do some marketing research is to look into what the big brands are doing– especially some of the fun, new trends they’re trying out! While these big dollar companies may not…


how to get started with building a brand downloadable blog image

How to Get Started with Building a Brand

While branding can be complicated, we're here to break down the basics for you! Branding is the heart, soul, and spirit of a business.

6 Signs You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

Are you getting the results you expected from your digital marketing? The reality is that without a solid strategy in place, marketing becomes mere trial and error. We're here to share some of the signs that you need a marketing strategy!

6 signs you need a content marketing strategy downloadable blog image
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Demystifying SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Does SEO feel like a mystery?

Although Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can get pretty technical, it is not some kind of magic; there are principles and techniques for driving traffic to websites! Our Demystifying SEO On Demand Video can help you understand the basic principles of SEO.

Master Your Week

We know it can be hard to manage the time you spend on your marketing. That's why we’ve broken down daily, weekly, and monthly social media tasks for you to use to get the most out of your week!

master your week downloadable blog by i3 media solutions
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Not getting the results you expected? Not sure what you’re doing wrong with digital marketing? Want to start improving, but don’t know where to start?

We’re here to help! We offer a FREE Digital Marketing Review where the i3 Media Solutions team will review your online presence, evaluate your marketing strategy, and recommend improvements based on our expertise.

6 Website Features You (and Your Visitors) Will Love

In order to perform well, your website needs to be not only beautiful, but also easy to use and successful at making conversions. This guide includes features meant to improve these areas, and your audience will love them! 

6 website features you'll love downloadable blog image

Do you ever wish that you could network like a pro?

We know it can be difficult and exhausting to market yourself! We’re here to walk you through how to rock your next networking event, making the most of it without wearing yourself out.

How To Network Like a Pro blog by i3 Media Solutions image
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Need help with Hashtags?
Understanding an Effective Hashtag Recipe On Demand Video was created to help you learn about how to find your ideal hashtags, pick which to use in each post, and how to keep incorporating them to expand your online reach and success. We’re here to help you understand what makes the best hashtag recipe for your business!

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FREE Offer For First-Time Attendees to Social Circle

Everyone is welcome to join two sessions.


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4 Popular Types of Content

One of the best ways to connect with your ideal clients is through creating content! Content comes in many forms, let us explain.

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