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20 years of making an impact in our Tucson community!

20 years in business

$26,015 donated to local nonprofits

2,013 websites designed

111 logos designed

Solutions For Businesses Of All Sizes


We offer creative and innovative solutions to help businesses improve their marketing strategies.


We build trusting relationships with our clients and work together toward your success.


We are invested in the goals you have for your business and delivering results that will help you reach them.


Our team is passionate about giving back, providing resources for business owners and providing marketing help to local nonprofits.


We deliver projects on time and within budget. Our team will also help you track the performance of your marketing in order to keep improving.


We believe in superior service, always striving to exceed expectations and improve client relationships.


We believe in education, spreading knowledge through coaching, workshops, and more.


Our team is detail-oriented, offering you services with precision and care.

Free Digital Review

Not sure what you're doing wrong with digital marketing? Want to start improving, but don't know where to start? We're here to help!

No matter where you stand with your marketing, whether you're just getting started or you've been focusing on it for years, we're here to give you detailed specifics on how you're performing and what aspects you could improve.

We offer a FREE Digital Marketing Review for any business! We look at your online presence, evaluate your marketing strategy, and recommend improvements based on our expertise. Our evaluation goes beyond your website to include your branding, content, graphics, social media accounts, and search engine optimization to get a holistic look at your marketing strategy. We use our years of experience to create a report of our findings and develop a plan that will propel your business forward. The next step is to share our feedback and advice with you during a meeting! We’ll then recommend which marketing solutions may be right for you.

Our Favorite Tips!

How to Share Your Story to Market Your Business blog image

How to Share Your Story to Market Your Business

You may be familiar with famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Walt Disney– and a huge part of the reason why is that their stories are always being shared. Their brands have utilized the human emotion behind their stories to market for decades, and now, they’re household names. Your business doesn’t need to be a…


How to Share Links over Instagram blog image

How to Share Links over Instagram

It’s no secret that sharing links just doesn’t work the same on Instagram. If you’re a regular user, you probably already know that when you create a post through this platform, you can’t easily share a usable link at the same time. So, how do we share links to increase conversions? Here’s a brief run…


Let's Go Local – Optimize Your Marketing for the Local Audience blog image

Let’s Go Local – Optimize Your Local Marketing

When your business uses online platforms to reach new audiences, let’s face it: you could be reaching anyone. While getting discovered by people across the map may still be helpful for your business and may still bring you online revenue if you offer products and services from long distance, sometimes, you want to feel the…


What Our Clients Have To Say

What a world of difference i3 Media has made to my online presence! Frankie and her team have taken the stress out of website creation and digital marketing. Everything I have experienced with i3 from personal website design to digital marketing workshops has been invaluable! They have the knowledge and experience to tailor their services to their clients needs. As a client, I could tell they truly cared and are passionate about what they do. I highly recommend them!

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Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona
servicing clients throughout the United States.

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