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stephanie marketing portfolio image

20 years of making an impact in our Tucson community!

20 years in business

$24,830 donated to local nonprofts

2,007 websites designed

107 logos designed

Solutions For Businesses Of All Sizes


We offer creative and innovative solutions to help businesses improve their marketing strategies.


We build trusting relationships with our clients and work together to be partners in your success.


We are invested in the goals you have for your business and delivering results that will help you reach them.


Our team is passionate about giving back, with resources for business owners and marketing help to local non-profits.


We deliver projects on-time and within budget, then help you track their performance in order to keep improving.


We believe in superior service, always striving to exceed expectations and improve client relationships.


We believe in education, spreading knowledge through coaching, workshops, and more.


Our team is detail-oriented, offering you services with precision and care.

Free Digital Review

Not sure what you're doing wrong with digital marketing? Want to start improving, but don't know where to start? We're here to help!

No matter where you stand with your digital marketing, whether you're just getting started on improving it or you've been focusing on it for years, we're here to give you detailed specifics on how you're performing and what aspects you could use some work on.

We offer a FREE Digital Marketing Review for any businesses! We look at your online presence, evaluate your marketing strategy, and recommend improvements based on our expertise. Our evaluation goes beyond your website to include branding, content, imagery, social media accounts, and search engine optimization to truly look at your interactive strategy. We use our years of experience to formulate a report of our findings and develop a plan that will propel your business forward.

Our Favorite Tips!

3 Website Updates You Should be Making Regularly

If you’re not website-savvy, then website updates may sound like they’re beyond your scope. However, ensuring you’re checking your website and making frequent updates – whether you’re hiring someone to do it or taking on the work yourself – is crucial to make sure it’s working at its best. Just like your car or air…


woman business owner recording on her phone image

3 Easy Ways to Improve Reel Performance

Have you been making Reels for your business? These short videos have incredible reach and the potential to make a drastic impact on your marketing strategy. If you’re looking to improve your results, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you make a bigger impact with the Reels you’re making! Here…


5 Things to Post to Your Business' Instagram Story blog image

5 Things to Post to Your Business’ Instagram Story

What are you posting to your business’ Instagram Story? While posting to your personal Story might include updates and fun from your daily life, it might not be as easy to understand what your business should be sharing. We’re here to help provide you with some inspiration and ideas to start incorporating! Here are 5…


What Our Clients Have To Say

i3 Media Solutions provides innovative and convenient ways for my business to stay on top of our social media plan. These people are smart, creative, and customer-driven!

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Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona
servicing clients throughout the United States.

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