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aliana website design and develpoment image
aliana website design and develpoment image

20 years of making an impact in our Tucson community!

20 years in business

$24,830 donated to local nonprofts

2,007 websites designed

107 logos designed

Website Design & Development

Our website designs are completely personalized to fit your business.

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Marketing is always evolving, but what’s become more crucial than ever is that strategies must be interactive. The team at i3 Media Solutions uses our industry know-how to design great customer experiences. We use design that’s not only beautiful but easy for viewers to understand and engage with. Interactive design is the key to unlocking marketing success! We’re ready to help weave this into your strategy.

Not only do the websites we develop look absolutely amazing, but they also work toward your marketing goals. We focus on user experience, responsiveness across all devices, and clear calls to action to funnel traffic to specific pages. Our experts know how to put your website work for you, increasing conversions and other desired actions.


Every website we design is unique, built for the needs of our clients and their customers– No templates or constraints. We use smart, custom designs built specifically for your business.

Before writing a single line of code, we get to know your business, your goals, your ideal customers, and the type of interactions you want to create. We analyze your customers to use their traits and behavior as the foundation for all copy, design, and development.

We craft our websites with in-house designers for easy navigation and built on a versatile content management system (CMS) to help keep them up-to-date. Our team has designed and built hundreds of beautiful, customizable websites for businesses across the United States and we’re happy to continue creating these stunning first impressions for business owners like you.

i3 has experience working with many organizations that have 501(c)(3) status. We know that fundraising and donations are crucial to your operations, so we do our best to aid in providing exposure for your organization and making it easy for website visitors to donate.

Your website isn’t just a statement piece; it’s a crucial first impression for your business!

It not only needs to convey your business’ brand, personality, and message, but it also has to be beautiful, easy to use, and successful at making conversions. The experts on the team at i3 Media Solutions are ready to craft you a beautiful, custom website that suits your website and its viewers, with easy usability and a strategy in place to make conversions happen.


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How do I get started? Give us a call at 520-505-8921, or start with a free website consultation. We will review your current website, determine needed features, discuss content, and also give you an affordable quote to design your dream website.


The website we design for you will help you make the best first impression possible to your visitors and will maintain their attention as they continue to explore it.

Our website designs are responsive on all devices, meaning no matter what device is being used – mobile, tablet, or desktop computer – your website will be optimized for that platform.

No one wants to wait for a web page to load! That’s why we will design a website that loads quickly, keeping your visitors there to explore.

We will develop a website that is user-friendly, making sure that visitors will know what to do and where to find the information they are looking for. Noticeable calls-to-action, buttons, and simple navigation come together to create a website developed with the end user in mind.

Looking for content, graphic design, website design, or social mediaCheck out our portfolio.

We will build your website using a CMS of your choice! If you already have a preference, we can use that platform. If you don’t know which way to go, we can provide additional information to help guide your decision.

Whether you want your website to have forms, social media integration, rotating sliders, private member sections, or an e-commerce store, we have you covered! Let us help customize the perfect website for you and your business.

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Not getting the results you expected? Not sure what you’re doing wrong with digital marketing? Want to start improving, but don’t know where to start?

We’re here to help! We offer a FREE Digital Marketing Review where the i3 Media Solutions team will review your online presence, evaluate your marketing strategy, and recommend improvements based on our expertise.

Website Maintenance Plan

We believe that your website is often the first impression of your business. Our website warranty will help you keep your website secure and working for you!

Informed consumers are able to quickly find your website and digital marketing presence to assess your credibility and whether you’re worthy of their time and money. Don’t lose conversions with a stale, broken, or vulnerable website.


Websites that stay fresh and are constantly updated are proven to increase traffic, boost sales and leads, and strengthen brand. Ongoing website maintenance includes CMS and plugin updates to aid in keeping your website safe from defacement, and unauthorized users from modifying the website’s content.

We have cost-effective website maintenance plans focused on meeting the needs of small businesses, organizations, and non-profits. Think of our website maintenance as your insurance plan. We monitor and protect your website from vandals looking to hack your website. It used to be that only large e-commerce websites needed to worry about them, however, now all websites should be thinking about keeping their investment secure.

Once a hacker has attacked your site, cleanup can be time-consuming and costly. This is why it’s vital to keep your website up-to-date with the latest upgrades, patches, and add-ons. When it comes to your website, the best defense is prevention.

The best way to keep your website humming along is to perform ongoing website maintenance.

Count on having no unplanned costs – just the peace of mind in knowing you are getting the best protection available. Give us a call today to get started!


  • Manage updates of WordPress and plugins.
  • Create a recurring backup of all websites, files, and databases.
  • Monitor and block potentially-harmful traffic.
  • And if your website is hacked, we’ll remove the harmful code and update or rebuild your damaged website at no additional cost to you.

There are no unplanned costs – just the peace of mind in knowing you are getting the best protection available.

How Do I Get Started? Give us a call 520-505-8921 or send us a note.

Hosting platforms to suit every need! Whether you are in need of shared, managed, virtual, or dedicated hosting, we’ve got you covered.

Our clients depend on websites and email hosting that works. When a business doesn’t have access to these features, it can feel like you’re at a standstill. We are committed to keeping your website and email online 24 hours a day, every day.

With us, you can expect professional website and data hosting at a Tier 1 data facility. They have techs on staff 24/7, battery backups and diesel generator backups, redundant network switches, under-floor cooling, and fire suppression systems in place. Rely on our website support for reliable coverage for your business.

We’re here for you. Our team will take care of you.

i3 can help you maintain, build, fix or improve your website. We have been helping businesses improve their websites, correct problems, and make day-to-day updates for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on providing a quick, efficient and reliable website support service.

When your website has been compromised, your visitors and reputation are at stake!

Having your website vandalized can be embarrassing and it can be hard to know where to start with repairs. We can help!

6 Website Features You (and Your Visitors) Will Love

In order to do its job, your website needs to be not only beautiful but it also has to be easy to use and successful at making conversions. This guide will help you include features your audience will love. 

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One of my clients texted me after I sent out my email last week and she said “your emails get better and better every month.” I must give i3 credit for this because they have helped me so much. I would be lost without Frankie and her team. I appreciate their patience and willingness to take me by the hand and guide me through the steps to make this happen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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