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i3 media solutions Social Circle Networking banner image
i3 media solutions Social Circle Networking banner image

Over 20 years of making an impact in our Tucson community!

22 years in business

$26,065 donated to local nonprofits

2,021 websites designed

113 logos designed

Social Circle

A place to gather & grow, be seen & heard, and feel celebrated & supported.

Social Circle Networking Group

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One of the biggest differences between successful professionals and struggling ones is the connections they make. We love helping to connect our friends in business and seeing them succeed.
There are so many traditional networking groups, groups that want to empower, and groups that want to trade leads – but Social Circle is different. 
As entrepreneurs and business professionals, we love our freedom and being in charge of our own destinies. We want more from life – more freedom, more direction, and a way to impact our community.
There is power in coming together with the Social Circle networking group!

We come together to Gather & Grow, be Seen & Heard, and feel Celebrated & Supported. Being successful in your professional life does not have to be lonely and isolating. This is where the Social Circle networking group comes in:

GATHER: sessions have a speaker, discussion topic, or mastermind. In addition, we will be:

  • offering ways to give back to our community by supporting nonprofits
  • planning social events
  • participating in co-working accountability sessions
  • sharing member events

GROW: Through our sessions, we will be learning new skills from our speakers, improving our marketing skills, gaining referrals, and learning to represent your business in a way that others will understand.

SEEN: You and your business will be seen in sessions, where you can ask questions and online, where other members will share about you on social media.

HEARD: We create a room that is truly listening to you and thinking about how we can help your business.

CELEBRATED: Each session, you have the opportunity to share something good that happened for your business.

SUPPORT: Support comes in many forms. This includes:

  • co-working opportunities with fellow members to work virtually or in-person
  • networking challenges to help our introverts be more assertive
  • discounted marketing workshops from i3 Media Solutions
  • sharing member events in the private group
  • sharing our goals and having monthly check-ins
  • social media engagement
When a Social Circle member shares about another member, it is a recommendation that feels authentic, because it is. The message stands out and can have much more impact than an ad.
If you know other ways you want us to help or if you want to volunteer to coordinate any of the efforts, please reach out.
Please make sure that you are part of the Social Circle Facebook Group to learn more and start connecting with fellow business owners and professionals.
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Social Circle includes:

  • Closed Facebook group: This group is made for members to request help, with professionals standing by to answer their questions and provide guidance.
  • Member discount: Members can attend any i3 Media Solutions workshop for only $10!
  • The opportunity to share: All Social Circle networking group members get the chance to share during the sessions and are encouraged to get to know each other outside of them.
  • Plus, you have the i3 Media Solutions marketing team helping you by sharing ideas on authenticity, social media, and how to connect with your ideal clients.


YES! All members are invited to share. We want to tap into everyone’s skills and expertise to learn from each other. We believe that everyone is an expert at something and being able to share is one way we can all grow as professionals.

YES! We invite nonmembers to attend 2 free sessions.

Do you ever wish that you could network like a pro?

We know it can be difficult and exhausting to market yourself! We’re here to walk you through how to rock your next networking event, making the most of it without wearing yourself out.

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