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The Social Circle Networking Group banner image

20 years of making an impact in our Tucson community!

20 years in business

$24,830 donated to local nonprofts

2,007 websites designed

107 logos designed

The Social Circle Networking Group

Great brands don’t just have customers and employees. They have Circles.

Social Circle

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Social Circle is not your grandfather’s networking group. We are a community of social businesses that act as connectors and ambassadors for each other.

Our group meets each week to learn and grow as entrepreneurs and business professionals. Our members show support to each other by celebrating successes, sharing referrals, and learning how to use our influence to connect.

When you are talking to a friend, family member, or neighbor about their favorite product or service and, instead of focusing on sales, they talk about their experience with the business– don’t we all tend to trust this recommendation more?

We have all seen ads and sponsored content, even some sponsored by influencers or celebrities. However, wouldn’t these recommendations be even more authentic when that post comes from another local business in Tucson? Especially when it’s made by someone who gets to know you and your business each week.

The idea is that Social Circle members are your trusted referral partners. We harness the power of influence to generate visibility and sales for each other in just minutes a week.

When a Social Circle member shares about another member, it is a recommendation that feels authentic, because it is. The message stands out and does not appear like an ad.

Social Circle members are everyday business professionals and owners who understand that digital marketing helps give them a reach past just the other members in the room, unlike traditional networking. Members have more than just their neighbors, yoga pals, and friends as followers, but they also have their dedicated friends in business and clients, too.

We all know that people trust recommendations from friends and family members over advertisements– and that is what being a Social Circle member can do for you! Our group gives you more local attention for your business by having your Social Circle of friends help to spread the word.

Upcoming Presentations!

Monday 3:00 pm
Member Event: Join Achieve Strength and Fitness at 3:00 pm for Milestone Event: 3-Year Anniversary with the Marana Chamber of Commerce and stay for the 4:15 pm HIIT Class. 8245 N Silverbell Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743

Tuesday 9:00 am
Simple steps to kicking overwhelm to the curb by guest speaker Reneé La Tour

Thursday 2:00 pm
Coworking: Accountability time.

Thursday 9:00 am
How to infuse heart and humor into your business content through visual Storytelling by guest speaker Annemarie Strehl

Monday 3:00 pm
“The 3 C’s of Success” Clarity, Commitment, & Courage with guest speaker Tara Brown

Tuesday 9:00 am
Lead with Consistent Follow Through by guest speaker Raizy Fingerer

Tuesday 2:00 pm
Member Workshop: Join i3 Media Solutions for our Reel Workshop for just $10

Monday 3:00 pm
March Marketing Themes with i3 Media Solutions

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Social Circle includes:

– Closed Facebook group; Made for members to request help, with professionals standing by to answer their questions and provide guidance.

– A team of brand ambassadors; We can help you spread the word in an authentic way because we will be getting to know you and your business during our sessions.

– Member discount; Members can attend any i3 Media Solutions workshop for $10. (Special cohosted workshops are excluded.)

– Sharing our gifts; All members get the chance to share during the sessions and are encouraged to get to know each other outside of them, as well as through the closed Facebook group.

In some sessions, we will have a presenter, while in other sessions we will use storytelling or education to keep us thinking about how best to find marketing success.

– Plus, you have the i3 Media Solutions marketing team helping with ideas on authenticity, social media, and also how to connect with your ideal clients.

Social Circle meets weekly over Zoom once a week, with quarterly social events, in-person networking, and co-working.

We will be holding sessions 48 weeks out of the 52 weeks a year, taking time off for major holidays. (Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.)

– Get to know like-minded local professionals.
– Learn and share with a great group of local entrepreneurs.
– Leave each session feeling inspired and empowered.
– Watch your confidence grow with your success.

Do you ever wish that you could network like a pro?

We know it can be difficult and exhausting to market yourself! We’re here to walk you through how to rock your next networking event, making the most of it without wearing yourself out.

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FREE Offer For First-Time Attendees

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Everyone is welcome to join two free sessions.


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Monthly Member Subscription

Our monthly membership subscription is $45 a month. As long as you have a continual membership, you will enjoy the $45 monthly subscription.

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Attend 1 Session

If you cannot attend weekly, but you still want to come to a session from time to time individual sessions are $10 each. 

Who will you meet in a session? Our members

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