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Understanding an Effective Hashtag Recipe

There are countless hashtags you can use to define your brand and connect with your target audience! However, you can’t just add any hashtags you want to your post and what’s trending won’t always work for your business. Finding the right hashtags takes time and research, but with a well-crafted strategy, they can drive real conversions, from gaining likes and followers to closing sales. This workshop was created to help you learn about how to find your ideal hashtags, pick which to use in each post, and how to keep incorporating them to expand your online reach and success. We’re here to help you understand what makes the best hashtag recipe for your business!

Here are some topics you can expect to learn in our time together:
• How do I choose the best hashtags for my business?
• How many hashtags should be used for the best results?
• How do I know who else is using the same hashtags?
• Can I just make up a hashtag?

Feel free to bring your own questions and let’s get to work on making #hashtags a meaningful and successful tool for you and your business!

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