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3 Website Design Aspects to Think About Before a Consultation blog image

3 Website Design Aspects to Think About Before a Consultation

When you’re getting started on a new website, even if you’re working with experts, it always helps to find some ideas that you like and want to implement.

Now, these ideas can be as simple as some inspiration you want to use, the vibe you want to give your visitors, or what color scheme you’d like. However, these seemingly simple ideas not only make it easier for our team to design a custom website that you’ll love– but they make it easier to create a website that will spotlight what’s special about your business.

So, heading into a website consultation, what are some elements you may want to have ideas about? Here’s a quick list of some areas you may want to think about:

1. Design aspects

The design of your website includes various details! You’ll want to think about what colors, fonts, images, graphics, videos, etc. you want used as well as what layout you might enjoy. The look and feel of your website go hand-in-hand, so you may want to think about how you want your business to come across. Take inspiration from your business. What do you associate it with?

2. Experience

What kind of experience do you want your visitors to have on your website? This includes not only the appearance of your design, but how users interact with the content. We’d recommend picking what you’d like to accomplish through your website. That might include educating your audience, selling a product, showcasing your skills, sharing a message, or more! No matter what, we’d recommend including your most important calls to action in this plan.

3. Unique-ness

What makes your business special? How can this translate into your website? You are the biggest expert in your business, so sharing what makes your work special starts with you describing what needs to be highlighted. For instance, are your products hand-crafted? Did you inherit your family’s business? Do you do something vastly different than your competition? Decide how you can best share this information. This may include photos or videos to tell your story, content that’s written to share your voice, or a design focused on sharing what makes you unique.

Overall, we’re happy to help you brainstorm, but it may be helpful for you to do some thinking before we set up a meeting!

Consider getting some inspiration from other websites, including others in your industry. Jot down some ideas including what you like and don’t like. Include any thoughts they may give you about the aspects we listed above!

When you’re ready to get started, our team would be happy to help! We’ll supply you with more ideas and inspiration! Let’s set up a free consultation to start building the website of your dreams.

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