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6 Instagram Features You Should be Using

Are you using all of the latest Instagram features? While not all of them are important to your business, here’s a list of some we find helpful! Let’s get your marketing strategy up-to-date!

We recommend getting to know these features and starting to implement them in your social media marketing:
1. Start a broadcast channel!

This is your personal news feed, where you can directly update all of your biggest fans and closest followers. This is not only great for sharing big news, but also events, specials, and more!

2. Use pins!

You can pin posts and Reels to the top of your Feed– and you should be doing this! Pick out the posts you feel are most important to explaining your business or the best examples of what makes your business unique. They can be fun, informational, or a mix of both! You can– and should– also pin your favorite comments!

3. Make your link count!

You can add one link to your profile– so use that opportunity and make it something important! We’d recommend using a link to booking or your online shop so that you can directly convert. However, you can also create a landing page on your website so your link leads your viewers to several other important links that they can use!

4. Create some quick replies!

This feature helps you get back to customers quickly with pre-made responses based on messages received with certain phrases. For instance, if you receive a message about shipping, your quick reply can automatically send them info about how your shipping works. You can then follow up later on, if needed!

5. We all know Reels are big, but what about templates?

Reel templates are here to make creating Reels easy! They’ll time your video clips to the trending audio and help you create a seamless video without thinking too hard about it.

6. Reply to your comments with Reels! Now, this is a great feature. Let’s say a viewer comments on your Reel and you want to reply– well, what a great opportunity to create another Reel! When you use this feature, their comment will appear on your Reel and audiences love to see this sort of content. This can be educational, or a great chance to explain your opinions.

These are some of the latest – and in our opinion, the greatest – Instagram features we think you should be using! Not only do some of these steps make your life easier, but they’ll also help you take full advantage of the platform. If you have any questions or you need help marketing over social media, we’d love to chat!

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