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5 Ways to Give Your Email Newsletter a Better Impact

Whether you’re just starting – or already running – an email newsletter, we’re here to help improve your results! We’re here to explain some do’s and don’ts as well as WHY certain approaches work. Let’s get to it!

Here are 5 ways to give your email newsletter a better impact:

1. Maintain your contact list! This is a big one. Not only should you not purchase contact lists from the internet, but you need to create a way for people to sign up! It would be best to have an easy form on your website that you can link people to through social media. We also recommend just asking your clients for their emails when they get started with you!

2. Divide your contacts into sub-groups. Why is this important? It’s a part of targeting your audience! For instance, you may want to create a group for leads and another for current clients. You may also want to maintain a group of past clients, or divide your clients into more groups based on the products or services they’re interested in. This is so that you can send more targeted emails to these specific groups– improving your chance of success!

3. Make it personal. While you shouldn’t be writing a personal email to every client, there are some ways you can make each email feel special. For instance, most email newsletter programs include the option to add your client’s name to the email. This is also important for how the content is written– does it feel like you’re talking to them? Making your language less sales-y and more conversational can help you convert viewers into clients.

4. Stick to one main message– this should be in the email’s heading, preview text, and at the top of the email! Most emails are able to get across one clear message to your viewers. You can include a few other topics beneath this main message, but understand that each email only gets one opportunity to hook in your clients so you really need to focus on it.

5. Use clear calls to action. This goes hand-in-hand with having one main message! Using clear calls to action, usually including links, is the best way to get your audience to act based on your email. Newsletters are an amazing conversion tool and you should be utilizing their full power! Each of your messages should include a clear call to action, so if you add additional topics after your main message, you should also include a call to action and link for each of them.

Still feeling lost when it comes to email marketing?

We’d love to help your email newsletter stand out and start making sales! Not only this, but we can help you create a strategy to help turn leads into clients, maintain current clients, and turn past clients into returning customers. Let’s chat!

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