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Types of Email Marketing to Try

Email marketing can play a crucial role in keeping your customers and potential customers connected to your business. This method of keeping in touch can help you stay fresh on their minds, draw their interest with new information, and even turn over quick conversions. Whatever your objective is, there are plenty of types of email marketing for you to try out. Here are a few we recommend:

1. New product announcements! Faithful customers love to know when their favorite brands get new items in stock and your business may be no different. If you have new products for sale, send out an e-blast with links and information to each of them!

2. They’ve left something in their cart. You may have seen these for yourself before, but they’re aimed at directing your potential customer back to your website after they’ve left items in their cart. This reminder might make a near-miss transaction into a successful conversion!

3. They’ve been eyeing something or they have something left on their wishlist. If they’ve spent a lot of time on a webpage without purchasing, or if their wishlist has any items in it, sending a casual reminder about these items is a good idea! Remind them of what they’d shown interest in before and maybe they’ll take the hint.

4. Sales! Sales are one of those email types we expect from the brands we follow and they’re a great opportunity to grab their attention. Feature your best markdowns and specials in order to catch their attention and draw them in with links to your site.

5. Newsletters! We’ve mentioned them before, but they’re a wonderful way to keep your clients invested in your brand. Bring them the latest news from your business and your industry, telling them information they’d be interested in but also incorporating reasons for them to reach out to your business.

No matter what goals you’d like to accomplish with email marketing, these types of emails are good options to consider trying! In order to create an email marketing strategy built for you and your business, let’s discuss it. The marketing experts at i3 Media Solutions will be happy to help you build and run an email marketing strategy!

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