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Is your Website Accessible? Test it with Our Website Accessibility Checklist!

Reaching your optimal clients with your website means that any of your ideal customers should be able to gain something by visiting it. While you may have a good grasp of what your ideal clients want to see, how they’re able to access it can vary from person to person. Your website should be viewable and understandable to everyone! Let’s help you make the right choices to ensure this.

Use our Website Accessibility Checklist to check over your website design:

1. Avoid any flashing or fast-moving aspects. Not only can this be unsightly and difficult to read, but it may trigger seizures for those with epilepsy. When incorporating moving website elements, make sure they’re more subtle or slow.

2. Alt text provides a way for you to describe images through copy. That means your images can be understood by those with vision impairments or if the page doesn’t load properly.

3. Captions or transcripts are a must for video content! This is plenty helpful to most viewers, but it is necessary for those with hearing impairments.

4. Contrast is needed between text and backgrounds! Differences between your text and background colors are necessary so that people can easily read your content, but it’s especially important to those who are colorblind.

5. In order to make your content readable, it should have resizable text. This is ideal for a responsive website, but it is also accessible for those that could have a hard time reading smaller sizes.

6. Your website needs to be navigable via keyboard! Not everyone can scroll in the same way that others do, therefore ensure that there are alternate methods like using the arrow keys.

7. Page titles are crucial for SEO, but also those using screen reading. Ensure that all of your website pages are titled appropriately to be both accessible and for a boost with SEO.

If you need help checking your website for these features, or if you know you’re lacking any of them, we’re here to help! Set up a free consultation with our marketing experts and we’ll discuss how we can best help you improve all parts of your marketing strategy! 

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