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How to Make Customer Connections on Social Media

Social media marketing is all about creating meaningful connections that will help bring your business success. This includes staying in touch with your current audience, finding new leads to reach and engage with, and turning these connections into sales conversions. Social media platforms are a great avenue for your business to create meaningful connections and increase your audience, but how do you get started?

To get started, our experts have outlined three main aspects to focus your efforts on through social media:

1. Follow your clients. This can be as easy as searching for them or asking them directly for their social media handles. Don’t be afraid to suggest they follow your business, too! Creating signage at your location to tell your clients that your business is on their favorite platforms may be enough to help them find you online. Feel free to also follow past clients if you wish to draw them back, or any potential clients that you know of!

2. Find new leads that fit your demographics. Picture who your ideal clients are and use these demographics to find new leads across social media platforms. These new people should be followed and will hopefully, at some point, follow your business in turn. Make sure to pick people who are most likely to be interested in your brand!

3. Engage. By this, we mean creating content and interacting frequently on social media! This includes making posts on your feed and in your stories, replying to comments, messages, and more, liking and commenting on your ideal clients’ posts, and every other type of interaction made as genuinely as possible. Interact to create connections, not for the sake of interacting, and start creating conversations and forming connections.

By focusing your social media efforts on these three aspects, you can start creating meaningful connections that will work toward your business goals. These genuine, thoughtful interactions are what will help you make valuable conversions that will drive your business’ success. Start using these platforms to be social! For more help, contact the team at i3 Media Solutions! 

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