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Social Circle

Great brands don’t just have customers and employees. They have Circles.

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At i3, we believe that you need to be continually learning to become a better business owner. 

Where is there to better learn about business success than with fellow business owners? Many small business owners try to build their business through networking. However, the traditional networking model ties people to a destination, whereas some business owners want to have more freedom with making connections. Whether this is to allow for traveling, to maintain social distancing, or due to a busy schedule, traditional networking simply doesn’t cut it.

That is where Social Circle comes in. Unlike the traditional, in-person networking meetings, Social Circle meets virtually once a month (starting in September 2020, we will be meeting twice a week!) to build relationships with business owners around the globe. We’re here to give you the networking connections you’re looking for, with the freedom you need to flourish.

The goal of Social Circle is to provide support to its members in the form of educational meeting topics, social media engagement, reviews, and more! Every member gets a chance to share during meetings and members are encouraged to get to know each other through individual sessions, our closed Facebook group, and other group activities. We’re here to form a community of mutual respect, support, and education. 

Please RSVP for the meetings below to attend. 

Social Circle does not limit membership based on business category or require referrals, but instead, members show support to each other through celebrating successes and sharing educational presentations. We’re open to all likeminded business owners, looking to connect, learn, and engage in order to grow together. 

If Social Circle sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about, please attend an upcoming session!

Starting in September, we are going to host meetings twice a week!

We will continue meeting Tuesday mornings at 11:00 am EST | 8:00 am AZ time. We will add a second meeting each week at 8:00 pm EST | 5:00 pm AZ time. Each meeting will continue to be 45 minutes. We will change our emphasis to focus more on membership and community. We will be holding meetings 48 weeks out of the 52 weeks a year, taking time off for major holidays. (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Independence Day)

Sign up below for the FREE monthly workshops!

Building Your Circle!
Open Seats

Building Your Circle!

Jul 21, 2020 8:00am - 8:45am

For business owners seeking to stand out in a crowded market, finding and nurturing a “circle” of loyal customers and supporters is critical to success. We...

How Your Headshots Affect Your Income: Are You Pushing The Right Clients Away?
Open Seats

How Your Headshots Affect Your Income: Are You Pushing The Right Clients Away?

Aug 18, 2020 8:00am - 8:45am

Jessica from Fleur de Lea Photography will be our guest speaker this month! She helps coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs, like you, to elevate their...


  • Share your message biweekly and watch your confidence grow!
  • Learn and share with a great group of entrepreneurs from around the world.
  • Share your products and services with 20+ circle members every week. There will be even more as we grow, so remember to invite your friends!
  • Build up your business through great connections.
  • Leave each meeting feeling inspired and empowered.
  • Access the previous meeting video library.
  • Promote your business in the members-only Facebook group. Each week you attend a virtual meeting, you will have an opportunity to share your launches, events, promotions, and services with the group.
  • Find ways to collaborate and reach an even larger audience.
  • …and more.


  • Welcome
  • 60-second Intro
  • 10-minute Presentation
  • 30-second Share the Good
  • Inspiration/Visualization

Can't make it live? Don't worry, you'll get the replays!

Monthly Member Subscription

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Founding Member Membership


Our 2021 Inner Circle members, will receive 1 year of both Marketing Moments ($816 value) and Social Circle ($2,400) to receive the following FREE gifts!

*MUST SIGN UP BY October 31st, 2020. Membership would be for the full 2021 year and all meetings in 2020 will continue to be FREE.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

"I highly recommend i3 Media Solutions! Frankie, Martha and the team do amazing work! I love my web page and all the work they have done to create a wonderful on line presence for me and my business. The personal care they give is impeccable- very grateful." ~ Tina

"I took an Instagram workshop with Frankie and Martha... Taught in a way I could understand, great materials, excellent presenters... I highly recommend this to anyone who, like me, needs a little help catching up in this fast-paced social media world." ~ Renee

What a world of difference i3 Media Solutions has made to my online presence! Frankie and her team have taken the stress out of website creation and digital marketing. Everything I have experienced with i3 from personal website design to digital marketing workshops has been invaluable! As a client, I could tell they truly cared and are passionate about what they do. I highly recommend them!” ~ Amy

I struggled for 4 years to get a web page I wanted. I made many great, expensive mistakes. However, when I discovered i3, that all changed. I actually make money from my web page now. I get clients who have found me without me directing them to my page... As I live some distance from Martha and Frankie, they’re able to chat with me via video calls and emails. ~ Michelle

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