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How to Use Instagram Features to Create Engaging Stories

Your Story is a key way to show your business’ activity on social media, giving you plenty of opportunities to update your audience throughout the day. However, engagement is also an important aspect of this feature, indicating how many of your audience members are actually viewing and taking interest. One of the best ways to keep your audience entertained and engaged with your Stories is by taking advantage of Instagram’s features!

Here are some of the best ways to use Instagram features to create engaging Stories:

1 Add a link! A recent update enabled every user capable of posting a link to their Story, so now is the time to start using this feature! You can easily add links to your website to share product pages, blogs, and more business information, but there are so many other amazing ways to use this new sticker.

2 Add a question box. Adding a question box enables your Story viewers to either ask or answer a question, depending on how you’ve set it up. Asking a question for them to reply to can give you valuable insights and help you make business decisions based on audience demand. Meanwhile, giving them the opportunity to ask questions can both increase their interest in your brand as well as provide you with valuable content to share.

3 Create a poll! Polls are another great form of gathering audience opinion, giving Story viewers the chance to choose between two options. While the options are limited, this can still provide you with some valuable insight.

4 Start a quiz! A multiple-choice quiz can be used to ask for audience opinions or test their knowledge, either of which can be fun methods for you to foster engagement.

5 Set up a countdown. Countdowns are a fun way to share exciting news or announcements! You can start a countdown to a special announcement, a product release, an event, a live video, or more!

6 Use the ‘Add Yours’ feature! This Story sticker allows you to create a prompt for your audience to post photos using. For instance, you could post the prompt ‘what are you doing right now?’ with a photo of you at work. This enables those who view your Story to also use this prompt to post to their Story, and the sticker will be shared to their Stories. This can create a chain reaction of sticker usage, all leading back to your business’ page.

7 Utilize the donation sticker! Through the donation sticker, you can gather funds for a verified nonprofit of your choice, including your own, should you set that feature up. We definitely recommend you do so!

Using these features to create engaging Stories is just one part of the process of being active on social media, but our experts are here to help guide you through the rest! Whether you’d like to learn more about social media or you’d like someone to do the work for you, we’re ready to help. Set up a free consultation through our Facebook page!

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