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How to Promote Other Businesses on Social Media

As a business owner, it may come as no surprise that you might enjoy the idea of supporting other businesses. Whether you enjoy supporting local, want to shoutout your friends, want to share your partners in business, or if you just feel like sharing brands you enjoy, there are so many ways to do so through your business’ social media pages. In fact, promoting other businesses through your page can help your own!

Let’s explain how you can help promote other businesses through your business page (and how this may help you):

– Tag other businesses in your Story!

This can be done when sharing a picture or video that relates to their business while you’re working on yours. For instance, if you have a new shipment of products that your businesses uses, you can tag your supplier! If your business encounters a pest problem, you can share a video of the pest and tag the pest control company that came to save you!

Not only are these fun updates to share with your audience, but tagging other businesses in your Story also gives them the chance to share your Story from their page. This puts your business in front of more viewers!

– Tag other businesses in your posts!

If you have reason to tag other businesses in a post, then it’s a great idea to do so! For instance, if your baked good pairs well with coffee from the business next door, take a picture of the products together and tag the coffee shop!

Not only does this give your customers more inspiration to buy your products, but it also notifies the other business of your post. This means they can engage with it, share it on their Story, and it may even open the door for a future collaboration between you two. Tagging a business in an image or video also means your content shows up on their page, under their tagged section. This gives their audience several ways to notice your business!

– Share one of their posts to your Story!

This is a great way to directly share a specific part about another business, whether it’s a product, event, or otherwise, that you’re excited about. This gives you the chance to talk about why you love it and how it may relate to your business, as well as the opportunity to again tag this business in a way that they can share.

No matter your reason for wishing to share from other businesses on your social media pages, there’s plenty of cause to do so! This is a move that both supports other business owners and can also boost your own business. To learn more about how to embrace these methods, or for more marketing help from our experts, get in touch with i3 Media Solutions! Set up a free consultation with us through our Facebook page. 

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