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6 Clever Reel Ideas

At a loss when it comes to Reel ideas? No worries– we’re here to help! We know that it can be difficult to sit down and brainstorm ideas when you’re trying to film. Our team thought we’d fix that by giving you a list of ideas you can use as starting off points!

Here are 6 Clever Reel Ideas to use for your business!

1. Motivation – What motivates you? What gets you through the day? This can be inspiring, relatable, or even funny– but either way, it ties your work into something your audience can enjoy! This is your chance to talk about your role model, how many cups of coffee you drink per day, or your upcoming goals.

2. Recap – Post a weekly or monthly recap of what your business has accomplished! This might include clips from each project you’ve completed, a look at the products you’ve sold, or an update on how far you’ve gone toward reaching your goals! This not only serves to educate your audience about what you offer, but will also encourage them to root for you to accomplish more!

3. Products/Services – We talked before about highlighting what products and services your business offers… but what about the ones you use? It can be fun to relate to other professionals by discussing your favorite tool, resource, or office product! For instance, do you have a favorite type of drinkware? Or, do you work with specific companies? Sharing about your connections can also give other businesses a chance to share about your business on social media.

4. Achievements – Share your achievements! Not only is it more than okay to brag and tell your audience about your achievements within your field, because this establishes trust… but we also suggest you update your audiences on the small achievements that you earn throughout the week! For instance, did you hit your sales target? Was it an extra busy day? Did you accomplish something better than ever before? Share about your victories, small or large!

5. Caption This – Take any video from work, especially if something particularly funny happened, and ask your audience to caption it! This can be really easy if there’s something cute, funny, or quirky about your office. For instance, did your office dog take a nap? Did an accident happen? Did you spill your coffee? This kind of content is not only entertaining, but it encourages your audience to engage with you!

6. Vocabulary Lesson – Does your industry use words and phrases that your clients don’t understand? Explain the jargon to them! Take some time to explain what a specific word or phrase means and provide an example. This type of educational content is easily shareable!

If you’re in need of more Reel ideas, check out the last list we posted here! Our team is also here to help, whether you’d like some inspiration or some serious help in managing your marketing strategy. Let’s set up a free consultation!

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