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4 Fun and Unique Ways Big Brands Are Marketing – Marketing Inspiration image

4 Fun and Unique Ways Big Brands Are Marketing – Marketing Inspiration

Want to learn about marketing, without getting bored? Need a little marketing inspiration for making it fun for your business?

One great way to do some marketing research is to look into what the big brands are doing– especially some of the fun, new trends they’re trying out! While these big dollar companies may not feel relatable, their ideas can still translate for any business, no matter how small!

Here are some of the most fun, out-there, top stories we’ve seen about what big brands are doing for their marketing:

1. Chipotle is creating run or walk segments on Strava in which users will follow their route map (which is their logo) to join in a competition for a year of free bowls!

2. Burger King has launched an app feature in Brazil that uses facial recognition technology to measure someone’s hangover– and then offers a discount and meal suggestion based on the intensity of it!

3. Pringles teamed up with The Caviar Co. to create a trend that went viral on TikTok, Instagram, and pretty much everywhere else. Here’s your reminder that sharing updates on social media can have huge and unexpected payoffs!

4. Pop-Tarts recently unveiled their plans to create and premiere an edible mascot to create some hype during upcoming football games! No, really– the winning team will be invited to eat it!

When it comes to marketing inspiration, don’t forget that you can have fun with it! If your strategy feels stagnant, think of some ways you can mix it up! Maybe you can host a contest, partner with another local business, or try something new altogether. Make a big splash by trying something fun, new, and made to catch the eye of your customers!

If you want some help mixing up your marketing strategy, let’s chat!

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