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How to Use Instagram's New Custom Sticker Feature for Marketing image

How to Use Instagram’s New Custom Sticker Feature for Marketing

Sometimes fun social media platform features get overlooked by businesses because they don’t think they’re created for marketing.

We recommend always getting to know when these platforms release new features. You never know what may have a purpose for marketing until you learn! Today, we’re here to share a fun new custom sticker feature Instagram just came out with that we think your business can have a blast using for its marketing: the option to “create a cutout sticker”.

This feature gives you the option to cutout the subject of an image (from your own post or from another creator’s, if they allow it) that can then be used as a Sticker in Stories and Reels. You can keep re-using this Sticker for as long as the post remains public. (Or as long as the other creator allows this feature). Now, this new feature has the opportunity to be really fun! So, why do we recommend it to businesses?

First of all, audiences respond really well to trends and entertainment.

Using new features may give your content a boost for at least a short time frame, because Instagram wants other users to see their new features being used. Plus, if the feature is trending, then your audience is more likely to enjoy it! Fun content like this is also encouraged because viewers will be more likely to enjoy your content, engage with your page, and ultimately, support your business if they think your marketing is fun.

Secondly, we can think of plenty of uses for this!

You can use this feature to make Stickers of your logo, your business name, and any other branding that your business uses. You can also make Stickers of you or your staff. This would be fun with smiling faces or funny ones! Consider this your chance to show your face more often! Or, even make some memes, which could really entertain your audience!

Give this feature a try and test out some different ways of using it!

It might seem easy to brush off new features… However, trends show that audiences tend to show interest. Don’t do yourself a disservice by writing them off!

If you have questions, get in touch! Want to know more about this custom sticker feature, how to use other new features, social media platforms, or you want more help marketing your business, let’s chat!

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