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How to Utilize the New Instagram Feature – ‘Collections’

When a new Instagram feature is released, we generally recommend you try it. In fact, that goes for any social media platform that you’re using! This new feature will be no different, once it’s released from testing, especially because it’s so simple!

Right now, Instagram is testing out a feature called ‘Collections’ that shares posts that you’ve saved publicly.

(If you’ve used Pinterest before, then think of how your friends and others can see your boards.) This feature would allow you to save posts into public collections that you can display on your profile. This would be a very simple way to stir up more engagement with your audience, especially if you create Collections based on your industry!

There are a number of ways we can see this being beneficial to businesses, so here are our top recommendations:

1. Create Collections to share inspiration, opinions, and education from your industry. This will easily display your knowledge, interests, and unique perspective to your client when it comes to your work! Viewing this Collection may give them a good idea of your business practices and make them feel comfortable with trusting you.

2. Use Collections to support your local community and connect with other businesses. This is a way to network without networking, because by compiling posts from various businesses you enjoy and work alongside, you’ll be able to recommend them to your audience. This kind of referral can go both ways, when the business you share notices that you’re boosting them!

3. Let Collections become a way that you relate back to your audience.

Maybe you already save posts that you’re personally interested in on Instagram. That’s great! Maybe you can let one of your Collections become things that you enjoy that you feel your audience will also relate to. This type of Collection can include anything from your favorite musical artists to your favorite lunch spot! Showing a human side to your business can help you create meaningful connections.

So, how will you be putting this new Instagram feature to use?

We’re here to help, whether you need more direction or if you’d like more hands-on help with social media. Our team is full of marketing experts that would love to help you create connections with your ideal clients online. Let’s chat! 

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