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6 Reel Ideas to Use for Marketing Your Business

Need some fresh Instagram Reel ideas to use for your business? Who doesn’t?

Reels are a great way to create marketing content. They reach a wide audience, they’re free to make and easy to post, and they’re fun!

If you’re looking for some new inspiration for what Reels to make, then we’re here to help! Here are six great Reel ideas to use:

1. Show off a product or service.

This is best done as a demonstration, so put the project to use or show your service in action! This may require asking permission from a client to film them, but don’t be shy– the results can pay off!

2. Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look!

This may include giving a tour of parts of your office or facility that you don’t normally show the public, but it can also mean filming yourself working on something they don’t normally see!

3. Share some fun facts!

What makes your business special? What makes it quirky or different? Don’t be afraid to get personal while you’re sharing some fun facts, because the more relatable they are, the better!

4. Introduce yourself and your team!

Take the opportunity to briefly introduce yourself and/or your team, because people are more likely to trust a business where they know the staff. The more that your audience gets to see your face, the better!

5. Go through a day in the life!

Give a brief recap of your day in short clips to show how much work and passion you put into your job! This can include some fun clips too, like showing off your coffee or lunch break!

6. Talk about your goals!

This one can make a big difference in how your audience views your business. Being transparent about your business goals can help bring out the human side of your business online, giving your audience some shared goals to help you work toward. You may be surprised how willing they are to support your goals!

Reels are all about showing up, giving your business a face, and connecting to your clients. Focus on being authentic! Never get enough inspiration for Reels? Check back on our blog for more updated prompts that you can use to help expand your reach!

We’d also love to chat about how we can help your business shine on social media! 

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