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New Ways for Your Audience to Engage Through Instagram Stories – Custom Templates blog image

New Ways for Your Audience to Engage Through Instagram Stories – Custom Templates

Looking for more ways to engage with your audience? Engagement is what you need to perform well on social media– so really, who isn’t?

Instagram has just released a new Story feature to the “Add Yours” Sticker. This will enable you to create reusable custom templates that you can share with others.

This new feature can be used in a wide range of ways, so let’s dive into discovering more about utilizing it for your business!

You may have already seen the “Add Yours” Sticker being used in Instagram Stories. In the past, this feature has allowed users to create a prompt and post a picture to their Story. This allows other users to also post the prompt with their own pictures, providing you with engagement as more and more users see and use the prompt. The new feature allows you to create a whole Story template, including GIFs, text, and images. Expanding the ability to engage beyond just a Sticker gives you the opportunity to get to know your audience and better draw in their interest.

So, what kind of custom templates can you create with this feature?

Get creative with it. There are no limits! One option that can help you draw engagement is creating quizzes. You can ask questions and leave blanks for people to fill out when your template is used. This gives you the chance to ask questions that would give you valuable audience information. We recommend using questions about topics in your industry! For instance, an interior designer might make a quiz with questions based on users sharing their style type or design preferences! This can then be used by any viewer that thinks it would be fun to answer the questions. When they use it, it will in turn share it with all of their followers.

Any new features added that give you the chance to better engage with your audience should be given an opportunity. Try incorporating these custom templates into your marketing strategy! You never know what kind of results you may be able to get.

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