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Get Started With us for No or Low-Cost

As with any business, you can’t simply give away your work– at i3 Media Solutions, we do have some free and low-cost offerings to help you get started in working alongside us, to pave the way for you to learn about how we can help and get comfortable with the process. We understand that small business owners may feel wary of spending money on marketing and we’re happy to help outline the costs with clarity and a budget suited just for your business. We believe in client education and ensuring that you feel well-versed in any work we do together, therefore we’ve designed ways to begin work with us at no or low cost to you.

Here are some of the ways:

– Free Annual Content Calendar! This resource is one we swear by and how we plan all of the content we create. It’s not only a tool we hope will be helpful for you, but it’s also exactly how we’d recommend the work be done.

– Free Social Media Audit! Taking a close look at how you’ve performed is a good way to reflect on what improvements can be made. This social media audit is not only a part of how we review our own work, as well as that which we do for our clients, but it’s also a good way for you to discover where you stand on your own.

– Free Digital Marketing Review! We recommend this to everyone! No matter what level of marketing your business has been conducting, this service is a must. Our experts will take a deep dive into all of your digital marketing efforts, including your website, social media platforms, reviews, search engine optimization, and more, to decipher how your business is performing with its efforts and what we can help you improve. We cater all of our marketing services to you based on our findings, ready to help in any and all areas you’d like our assistance.

– Two Free Social Circle Meetings! Social Circle is a community that meets twice a week to build relationships between business owners around the globe. We’re open to all like-minded business owners, looking to connect, learn, and engage in order to grow together. We invite you to join us for two free sessions if you’re interested so that you can try out the benefits from this supportive atmosphere!

– Read our blogs for free! We stand by education as one of the best ways we can serve our clients, which is why we publish blogs every two weeks to help teach you about website design, email marketing, social media, and more. Feel free to browse through the wide assortment of topics!

– Take advantage of $10 Dollar Social Prompts! This is a solution created to help you with social media writer’s block. Our Social Prompts will provide you with plenty of inspiration, as well as helping guide you on what to post, when, and how to keep your business’ digital marketing organized. For only $10/month, this is a great way to start improving your social media marketing for low cost!

– Free Coffee Chat! Our first meeting with you is always free. Set up your first consultation and let’s chat about what you and your business need, then how we can help. We’re happy to cater our services and solutions to what will best suit you.

With our beginner freebies and low-cost options laid out for you, let’s get started! We’re excited to be working with you.

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