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How to Sell Your Products and Services Through Social Media

Getting the attention your business and its offerings deserve can be difficult on its own, but how about making actual sales conversions? Converting the online attention you receive into paying customers is pivotal to measuring the success of your marketing efforts, so it’s important to give some thought to how sales work into your social media strategy. When it comes to selling particular products or services, our experts are here to help guide you in how to truly showcase these through social media:

1 – Start by ensuring that they are listed, or highlighted, when applicable.
This will look different for each social media platform, but your profile should make a point of listing and really showcasing what your business offers. Make sure your products and services are mentioned in your about sections, labeled in services sections, listed in their online shops, and maybe even made into Highlights for your Instagram profile.

2 – Create content about your service/product.
This doesn’t have to mean creating posts that sound like they’re about sales– they may have that intent, but they can be made to seem more interesting than that. For instance, focusing on one product or service, you can: make video demonstrations, share some unique information about it, re-post client testimonials that mention it, suggest it as a gift, or whatever else you may feel suits. Just ensure you are giving each product or service you want to sell its own spotlight!

3 – Weave in calls-to-action and links to book or buy!
Whether you’re selling your products online or in-store, whether your services need to be set up via booking link or phone call, ensure that you thread these types of calls-to-action into your social media presence! Many profiles have room for links and contact information, but you should also use each post to include one of these ways of getting in touch with you. Having your method of converting spread across all channels will make conversions more likely!

Spending social media effort focusing on conversions is the main manner in which you need to work to sell your products or services online, including fully filling out profiles as well as keeping a focus on sales while creating content. For help in your business’ social media strategizing, our experts are here to help! Let’s get started with a free consultation!

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