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How We Help Your Small Businesses with Marketing

At i3 Media Solutions, we work with businesses of all sizes, but we’re especially familiar with small businesses and solo professionals. We know that your business is your passion, so it’s important to be careful what choices you make in regards to it. Meanwhile, marketing is your pathway to helping your business grow, finding new clients, increasing revenue, meeting your goals, and overall finding the success you’re looking for. We’re here to help your small business with services that are not only individualized and friendly, but also created to support professionals like you.

We get started with a free consultation, set up through our Facebook page. This preliminary meeting will give our experts the chance to get to know your business and its needs, including what goals you have, what issues you may be facing, what your current marketing strategy is, and even what budget you have to work with. From there, we will figure out what ways we will be able to help you, with services hand-picked for your individual situation. If you’re just getting started and you need help with all aspects of your strategy, we’re here to help you create a website, start social media pages, create some amazing content, and more! However, if you have a marketing strategy going and we notice you could use some help in simply updating your website, we can be there to cover just that.

We can tailor our scope of work to you and whatever level of assistance you’re looking for. If you’re hoping to work hands-on with your marketing strategy, we can guide you through marketing coaching sessions or one of our programs. Whereas if you want to focus on helping your business grow and leave our experts to handle it all for you, we’re also happy to take it off of your shoulders and start optimizing your marketing growth, as we do best. This also includes thorough consideration of your budget, with services starting with as little as $10/month. If your budget needs to change between months, our client support staff is here to help you make these changes to continue best serving you and your business.

We’re here to do what we do best, while also giving you all of the individual assistance you need to grow! i3 Media Solutions is passionate about helping small businesses and solo professionals turn their dreams into realities with successful marketing strategies aimed at getting their results. Let’s get started with that first, free consultation! 

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