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Social Media Management

Personalized social media for your voice. Our experts are ready to help your business shine with an online personality suited perfectly to you.


Our social media management services are customized for the need of your individual business! We can cater our services from occasional assistance to a completely hands-on experience: managing all of your social media pages, creating your posts posts, engaging with your audience, and even replying to your reviews.

It’s important that we start with a strategy, stemming from your business goals and optimized for your individual success.

We can help ensure you have ownership of your business pages and control of the information given to the public.

Based on your budget, market, and preferences, we will suggest a post frequency that will bring you to the attention of your current and ideal customers.

We will respond to your customer questions and comments in a timely fashion, encouraging future conversations.

We will aid in strengthening relationships with customers by posting content that they actually enjoy seeing, with clear calls-to-action to drive their response.

By being consistent and “social” on your social pages, you will be seen by more people, which will organically expand your online customer base.

We will monitor the profile click stats and share them with you in a meaningful way that makes sense.

How Do I Get Started? Give us a call 520-505-8921 or send us a note.

$10 Dollar Social


We know it’s hard staying up-to-date on the latest holidays and social media trends– let us help!

Most business owners know that frequent social media posts are needed to make your business stand out. For your posts to get noticed by your audience, they must be unique and contain quality content. However, keeping up with finding fresh ideas and sources of good content can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

For a small investment, we can help you make your social media shine with monthly inspiration and tips!

Hashtag Research Service


We all know that hashtags are crucial to trending, staying relevant, and starting conversations on social media, but how should your business be using them?

Obviously, it’s not as easy as picking the most popular ones that you see in use. That’s where our experts come in. With this low-cost service, we’ll research which hashtags are right for you. We figure out which ones best suit businesses in your industry, your service area, your ideal customers, and, overall, your individual business. 

Put our experts to work and get to posting with a list of hashtags to choose from, all ideal for you!


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What Our Clients Have To Say

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"I highly recommend i3 Media Solutions! Frankie, Martha and the team do amazing work! I love my web page and all the work they have done to create a wonderful on line presence for me and my business. The personal care they give is impeccable- very grateful." ~ Tina

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"I took an Instagram workshop with Frankie and Martha... Taught in a way I could understand, great materials, excellent presenters... I highly recommend this to anyone who, like me, needs a little help catching up in this fast-paced social media world." ~ Renee

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What a world of difference i3 Media Solutions has made to my online presence! Frankie and her team have taken the stress out of website creation and digital marketing. Everything I have experienced with i3 from personal website design to digital marketing workshops has been invaluable! As a client, I could tell they truly cared and are passionate about what they do. I highly recommend them!” ~ Amy

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I struggled for 4 years to get a web page I wanted. I made many great, expensive mistakes. However, when I discovered i3, that all changed. I actually make money from my web page now. I get clients who have found me without me directing them to my page... As I live some distance from Martha and Frankie, they’re able to chat with me via video calls and emails. ~ Michelle

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