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Common Marketing Myths – One Strategy Doesn’t Work for Everyone

There are so many marketing myths being spread that it’s no wonder it confuses people. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what you need to do to succeed in marketing, but the experts will tell you that there is no one way to go about it. To find success in marketing, your business needs to take an approach that’s made for you.

Let’s go back to those common misconceptions– we’d like to take some time today to mythbust some common marketing myths!

Marketing Myth: Marketing is all about sales.

Nope! While sales is one of the most common marketing goals, that’s not what it’s about. Marketing is how you give your business a voice to spread its messages– it’s about connection more than anything. You’ll use this connection you create with your audience to try to accomplish your business goals. If you only focus on sales, your audience will be able to tell and they may lose interest.

Marketing Myth: You need a huge budget to market your business.

False! Even small businesses can afford marketing! It’s not as simple as saying you need to be a multimillion dollar brand to market, because you don’t need that much money. What you do need is to understand your budget. Now, not every budget is the same and a small budget may mean need to start small– but that’s still starting somewhere.

Marketing Myth: You need to be using every social media platform to succeed.

No! We hear this all the time and we can’t say this enough: your business doesn’t need to be marketing on every platform. In fact, if you spread your attention out that far, you’ll lose the impact in your efforts. Focusing on 2-4 platforms will give you much better results than barely posting on 10 will.

Marketing Myth: Marketing is as easy as just posting to social media.

Obviously not. Marketing can be complicated, but there are small steps that every business owner can take to help marketing their business. Posting to social media is one of them, however, it’s not as easy as just randomly dropping in a photo and some random text. You need to put thought and effort into your posts or you won’t get the results you want.

Marketing Myth: Any website will work for your business.

No– definitely not. Having a website at all might be better than not having one, but not all websites are built the same. You’ll want one that’s custom made for your business. This means an original design, appearance, and content that is all made to highlight the best parts of your business and curated to reach your ideal clients. Websites made through businesses like Wix lack the same qualities and will give you worse overall results.

If you have any questions about these topics – or marketing myths you’ve heard that you’re curious about, then let us know! We’re here to help guide you and share our expertise as we work through a marketing strategy for your business. Let’s get in touch for a free consultation!

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