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How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back with Email Marketing

Email marketing is an amazing and effective tool for your marketing strategy! You can create content for a variety of functions, like keeping your audience updated, spreading news, sharing sales, and so much more. One of the most effective uses of email marketing is using your emails to lure your clients back to you. This can work to reach your audience whether they were browsing your website, they inquired about booking a service and didn’t commit, or if they recently purchased from you.

Let’s talk about how to keep your clients coming back with thoughtful email marketing!
Did someone ask about your services but not commit to booking with you?

Or, do you want to lure your website visitors back to buy from your online store? Then, it’s time decide what to do when they haven’t committed to buying from your business yet.

We’d recommend having a newsletter template designed to lure these potential clients back to you, whether they’re automatically sent to website visitors who you recognize by email or if you send them out personally to people who have reached out to you. This email should serve as a reminder. Check in with them to see if they want to move forward.

You may want to take this opportunity to offer to answer any questions they may have. Or, you can even link back to the product page they were visiting on your website. Your call to action needs to be strong here, directing them to convert without being pushy! You may have seen emails like this before from websites telling you that you left items in your cart– use these as inspiration!

How do you bring back clients through email?

That’s a great question! Encouraging your clients to return to your business after the initial conversion should be an easier process. So, it’s definitely something you should put effort into!

This type of email needs to include a call to action, but the main message in it should be suggesting a follow-up buy for them. If this client booked a service with you, you can either suggest a follow-up of the same service or a different one that is somehow related! Similarly, if they purchased a product, you can recommend they buy either more of the same one or others that are related. This email should include some reasoning as to why they’d enjoy the product or service, as well as a thank you for their initial purchase! There should also be a link or contact information included so that this can easily convert into another sale.

Our team is here to help you create and send these emails in order to drive sales and increase your number of repeat customers! Let’s discuss email marketing! It can make a big impact for you and your business.

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