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How to Increase Website Traffic – Content, SEO & Social Media blog image

How to Increase Website Traffic – Content, SEO & Social Media

Want your website to reach more people? Who doesn’t? Getting more website visitors doesn’t have to mean paying for ads or earning top search engine results– though those methods could help. There are plenty of other ways to increase website traffic and we’re here to help explain the basics!

To increase website traffic, we’d recommend starting with content, SEO, and social media.

Increasing Traffic Through Content

Your content is the main foundation of your website, so adding to it and improving it will have a major impact on your website. Not only can this boost search engine results, but by adding the right topics and keywords, you can drive much more genuine interest from your ideal clients.

We’d recommend getting started by enhancing your current content. Review it for any mistakes or outdated information, then consider what information you might be missing. What else can you tell your audience about your business and what makes it special? After brainstorming some ideas of content to add, you can utilize it on your current pages to enhance them or add new ones to your website. You may also want to consider starting a blog so that you can continue easily adding content on related topics and drawing your audience in to learn more.

Increasing Traffic Through SEO

Your search engine optimization is what highlights what’s important on your website and communicates that to search engines and those using them. When done right, your SEO can help connect you to your ideal clients. Ideally, it should be directing those looking for a business like yours to your website. When you enhance how your search engine optimization is performing, you’re increasing the likelihood of reaching your ideal clients.

Content is a major part of this, but you’ll also need to add in alt text, meta titles and meta descriptions. Alt text describes your images to search engines and viewers who are visually impaired. These descriptions add in more keywords and phrases that could connect your website to what a viewer types into a search engine. The more thorough you are with filling in every opportunity to describe your website and its content, the better. Meta titles and descriptions are connected to each page of your website. They’re what show up as search engine results, so the paragraph you use in your description is especially important in convincing viewers to visit your website.

Increasing Traffic Through Social Media

Your social media marketing should connect to your website– this will help drive traffic there. How does this work? You take every opportunity that you can to share links that direct viewers to your website. There are many different ways to accomplish this!

On every social media platform, you have the opportunity to add at least one link to your profile. Through most of them, you can also share a link with every post you make (Instagram is the exception to this), so ensure that you’re always including one with your posts, especially if you have a page or blog that relates to your message. On Instagram and Facebook, you can utilize your Story to share links and encourage your visitors to use them. You can also utilize event postings to link to your website and even registration pages. With so many opportunities to share links and direct traffic, social media can become one of your best tools for increasing traffic.

The best strategy would be to combine these methods, continuously working to improve traffic in different ways. The more frequently and consistently you work on improving your strategy, the better the results you can achieve. If you want help improving how your website is performing in various areas, including traffic, we’d be happy to help. Our experts are here to help boost your marketing strategy and take your business tot he next level. Let’s get in touch! 

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