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6 Website Features You Should Focus On

So, you’re thinking about re-vamping your website? Whether you’re starting from scratch or changing up your current website, we’re here to help you make sure your changes make a big impact! Let’s talk about some important website features that we think you should focus on. No, we aren’t just talking about making your website pretty.

Here are 6 Website Features You Should Focus On:
1. Accessibility –

Accessibility is crucial to your website, not only because your website must be ADA compliant, but because it’s the only way to ensure everyone that visits your website can understand and interact with it! There are plenty of ways you can make your website more accessible to your viewers, but we’d recommend starting by ensuring text contrast is high, there are text captions for your visual or audible content, avoiding flashing graphics, and making your navigation easy to use.

2. Responsiveness –

Responsive design refers to a website that is built to transfer easily between mobile, desktop, and tablet use. This is key because more than half of all website traffic now comes from mobile devices! So, if your website is only built for desktop audiences, you’ll be missing out.

3. UX (User Experience) –

Make sure your priority is creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Your focus shouldn’t be just on aesthetics, and your website’s ease of use should never get diminished by style choices.

4. Conversion –

Your website should be made to convert your audience into customers. This may mean utilizing a digital storefront, including sign up forms and payment options, appointment booking features, and more! Whatever converting looks like for your business, make sure it’s the biggest focus of your website.

5. Navigation –
Make your website easy to navigate! Create a clear map for your users through your website, including clear labels to direct them to your highest-priority pages. Utilizing internal links, or links that guide them from one page to the next, may also help in establishing easy flow!
6. Clear Communication –

Make sure that your website clearly communicates what your business does and what makes it special. All of your content should be focused on sharing your message in a way that’s easy to understand. Review your content to ensure that it makes sense, it’s not unnecessarily long, and it focuses on what’s most important.

When you’re starting to consider a website refresh or a new website altogether, we recommend focusing on these aspects! While how your website looks is important, these features are also crucial to its success. By giving your audience a website that’s easy to understand, navigate, and convert from, you’ll be providing them with a positive experience while also making sales.

Let’s chat about how we can help you design a custom website that can accomplish all this and more!

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