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Our Predictions for Social Media Marketing Trends in 2024

What’s in store for social media this year? Platforms change and update so often at times that it can feel difficult to predict or truly keep up with social media marketing trends. Thankfully, we do have some ideas about where current trends will lead us!

So, here are some of our predictions for social media marketing trends in 2024:

1. Expect to see more AI involvement.

It should come as no surprise to hear that the future will include more AI usage, since it’s already been so big this year. Between chat bots, ads, content, and more, AI can seep into just about anything. Well, now social media platforms are working on ways to utilize AI in creating ads and enhancing user experiences. We’ll find out exactly how that plays out in 2024.

2. More focus on video content.

Even with the growth of AI, we’ve also seen a rise in the popularity of video content! Especially when the creator is showing their face. What does this mean? Well, users are showing a preference towards genuine content and video may be the best way to come through the screen to create connections. Reels and other forms of short video content remain popular with audiences, so we can expect this to only grow.

3. More messaging tools for businesses.

Platforms have been hinting at the use of ads via direct messages, which would give businesses the opportunity to market directly to their current followers, clients, and customers. We may also see more ways to interact through messages, as connections between brands and users continue to change. With the introduction of Broadcast Channels this year, we can expect more changes in private communication to come.

4. The increasing reliance on virtual.

Since 2020, there continues to be a draw to virtual experiences. The ease of virtual connection makes it more accessible and often times more comfortable for audiences– so, we should continue to see more virtual activities like events taking place. This can draw in wider audiences and engage more people through social media! Whether you’re hosting an event or a live stream, this will continue to be a great way to draw audience interest.

Take the end of the year to reflect on your social media marketing strategy and consider making adjustments based on what we expect going into 2024. Getting comfortable filming video content is now more important than ever! Stay consistent with including virtual options for meetings and other events. Finally, you may want to get to know more about AI and how you can utilize it!

Whether you want more info on social media marketing trends, tips, and tricks, or if you’re completely lost when it comes to social media, we’re here to help! Get in touch to set up a free consultation.

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