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3 Social Media Platforms that are Changing for Better or Worse in 2023 blog image

3 Social Media Platforms that are Changing for Better or Worse in 2023

There are social media platforms that are changing all the time– that includes what platforms are the most popular and how consumers are interacting with them! What doesn’t change is that your business should be utilizing at least one or some of the most popular platforms for successful marketing. So, we’re here to offer you an update on how three of the most popular platforms are trending with audiences!

Let’s get started:

1. LinkedIn is gaining popularity! The company reported that sharing content in the app increased by 41% in 2022, and this year they’ve reported record levels of engagement. So, it’s looking like it may be time for your business to get more active on LinkedIn, if it isn’t already! Making a business page there simply isn’t enough– start posting updates focused on your business and sharing your expertise!

2. Twitter, now called ‘X’, seems to continue to lose its appeal. The name change itself remains controversial, but advertisers and users alike have seemed generally wary or pessimistic about how the platform is moving forward. According to one of their latest reports, the U.S. ad spend on X is down 60% this year from last. While X continues to change its course and try to make up for its poor performance, we can assume that businesses won’t want to put their focus solely into this app. In fact, you may want to consider pulling back from the platform to favor the more popular ones.

3. Instagram continues to be widely popular, especially after the introduction and testing of its newest features. Within the last few years, this app has seen some major changes. However, its success may be mostly focused on Reels. You can likely depend on this trend to continue! So, if your business has yet to make an Instagram page, consider it! Testing out video content for your business might make a major impact on your reach and engagement on this app.

Technology moves fast! It’s no wonder there are social media platforms that are changing all the time!

It’s best to stay up-to-date with these changes as they happen, so feel free to bookmark our blog. Or, you can get in touch with us to work on your social media marketing! Our marketing experts stay on top of all of the current trends and results-driven techniques and we’d be happy to share our experience with you. Social media marketing is a process of constant learning! We’re here to help guide your business through it. Let’s get in touch!

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