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How to Share Links over Instagram

It’s no secret that sharing links just doesn’t work the same on Instagram. If you’re a regular user, you probably already know that when you create a post through this platform, you can’t easily share a usable link at the same time. So, how do we share links to increase conversions?

Here’s a brief run down of some ways your business can share links through Instagram:
1. Use your profile!

Your Instagram profile can have five links. Use this space wisely! Make these links useful to driving conversions, whether it’s be linking directly to your online store or where you book appointments online.

If you’re looking to maximize usage, you may want to consider creating a landing page! This kind of page will give viewers several options for what to click on, for instance, giving you the opportunity to list links like: your online store, your website, your other social media pages, your newsletter sign up form, and more.

2. Share links in your Stories!

When you want to share a link in a specific post, you can share a Story at the same time that includes this link. Simply use the Sticker with the URL you want to share and direct your audience in your post to use the link in your Story to find whatever product, service, or topic you’re talking about. This method is great if you’re trying to guide users to a specific place, like a certain page of your website.

3. Save your Stories to your profile as Highlights.

Once you’ve created a Story that has a link in it, save it as a Highlight on your profile. Label the Highlight something that’s related, and when you need to direct your audience to that link, you can tell them what Highlight it’s under on your profile.

4. Send your viewers links in their messages.

This is more popular as of late and only really works if you’re hands-on with your business account.

Any time you want to share a link, but want to give your viewers an easier option than looking through your Stories, you can add a call-to-action that says to comment on the post or message you for the link. This will drive more engagement for your page and it will also potentially make the conversion process easier for your viewers. However, it’s important that when using a call-to-action like this that you’re ready to give quick replies with the link they’re asking for.

For more tips and tricks on optimizing your social media marketing or your overall digital marketing strategy, our team is here to help! Get in touch with i3 Media Solutions today!

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