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3 Ways to Add Website Content to Strengthen Your Marketing

Ever visit a website and feel like it’s lacking? Maybe the pages seem scarce or perhaps just missing the content you’re looking for? If this is a feeling, or worry, that you have about your own website, it’s time to add some new website content! Even if you haven’t had the thought before, take a look at your website with the thought of: “Does this include all that I want to share about my business?”

When reviewing your pages, it may also be helpful to consider that for search engine optimization, you’ll want at least 300 words per page of your website, though an average of about 600 is recommended.

So, how do you go about adding to this content and ensuring you’re covering all of your bases? Here are 3 ways to get started!

1. Create more genuine personality.

Start by ensuring that your About page includes the story of your business, not just the basic information necessary. By telling your story, you can create a human connection to your viewer as you expand this content.

2. Expand the information you’re sharing about your work.

You know your products and services better than anyone else. Why not share some more about them with your audience? For pages that contain information on these topics, consider expanding the content to include details like ingredients or materials, your process, how the service works, and more.

3. Combine some of your pages together.

Do you feel like you can’t add content to certain pages? If you’re done sharing about a topic and haven’t reached a good word limit, then consider combining your pages together. Make sure that the pages being combined are relevant to one another. Then, add sections to this page that make room for both topics. Having one strong page is better than two weak ones.

If you’d like help reviewing and improving your website, we’d be happy to help you! Our team can also create the content you’re looking to add, using your input to ensure it’s unique to your business. Let’s discuss website updates and content marketing!

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