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How to Turn Google's "People Also Ask" Section into a Marketing Resource for Your Business blog image

How to Turn Google’s “People Also Ask” Section into a Marketing Resource for Your Business

Working on increasing your website traffic through search engine optimization (SEO)? Type something related to your business into the Google Search bar. Now, scroll down to the “People Also Ask” section of the search results. There, you’ll find popular search terms that relate to your business. These are generated based on your search because they’re what your audience is searching for. Consider this a free resource!

Now, where can you put this free resource to work for your SEO?

Let’s start by looking at the questions that come up. You should see different variations of phrasing, for one. For instance, if you looked up florists you might see the terms ‘floral designer’ or ‘flower delivery’ used instead. Take note of which terms are seen here, because you’ll want to incorporate some of those into your content across your website. This will give you results from people who are searching for your business with different words.

Secondly, pay attention to what questions they’re asking! You should consider answering these questions as a part of your website content. This can be done by adding the information they’re looking for to a page of your website, adding the question itself into your FAQs page, or by creating a blog dedicated to answering that question, with more on that topic. Utilize this commonly sought-after information! That way, you’re more likely to show up in the search results as a resource to people searching for answers. This establishes you as a professional in their eyes. It also gives them the chance to explore the rest of your website.

This Google feature is a great way to increase website traffic and further optimize your SEO strategy. Consider it a free resource! You can continue to explore more terms that relate to your business, including aspects like your location, your products and services, and more. When you’re working on your SEO marketing strategy, we’d recommend getting expert assistance. Let’s set up a free consultation!

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