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How to Perform an Easy and Effective SEO Update on Your Website

Your website can’t just sit there– it needs to be updated to perform its best! Here’s how to make an easy and effective SEO update to your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to improve your website’s results by enhancing how it interacts with search engines. By ranking higher and matching in the results for your ideal audience, you’ll be more likely to find real leads. Even if you’ve had SEO work done on your website before, it’s important to update this work to keep it current and improve how it works!

Let’s review how to make an easy and effective SEO update on your website:
1. Review and proofread your content.

Start with a fresh set of eyes, reviewing your content! Check for spelling and grammatical errors, but also keep an eye out for any phrasing you can simplify and any content that doesn’t fit your business anymore. In order to get better results, you’ll want to start by ensuring your spelling is right and your content is easy to read! From there, updates for relevance and wording will help your ideal audience find you more easily.

2. Add internal links.

Internal links refer to links on your website that direct viewers to another, relevant page. This step is relatively simple, since the content of your website should interconnect. When you’re on one page of your content and you refer to information that is explained in detail on another, simply add a link in your text to that page. Internal links will help keep viewers on your website, improving the chance that they become a lead for your business.

3. Focus on your choice of keywords and enhance their use.

Keywords are the foundation of your SEO work. Your website has keywords whether or not you know it– because they’re the most important and relevant words in your content. Review your word choice, what words you choose to describe your business and put into your website meta, and then enhance your use of them by ensuring they’re consistent through your pages. This will make your pages stronger for each of your keywords and that can improve your SEO results.

4. Check out your website analytics and improve problem areas.

How do you know how your website is really performing if you don’t take a look at its analytics? Get to know and understand the different numbers that you see and what that means for your website. Then, you can work on what parts you see issues with– like low traffic or high bounce rates. If you’re unsure of how to perform this work yourself, we recommend talking to an expert!

After this easy and effective SEO update, you’re just getting started.

Our marketing experts have years of search engine optimization experience that we’d be happy to share with you! We’ll help you review your website to start performing these valuable updates, then we’ll get to work. When we’re done, we can help you in staying up-to-date with monthly SEO updates, analytics reports, and more! Let’s talk about our SEO work.

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