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How to Improve Your Meta Descriptions

First off, what are meta descriptions? In simple terms, these are the text blurbs that show up in your search engine results. They’re supposed to explain what content you’ll find on that website page and encourage you to click on it. In other words, meta descriptions are the pieces of text that will help your website find your ideal audience. Each page of your website should have one in order to properly describe what can be found on it.

However, it’s not as simple as just having some text there.

Let’s go over some ways you can enhance your meta descriptions:
  • First, utilize the character limit. Keep the limit to 155 characters– which is about the amount of text that a search engine can display. Without surpassing this limit, ensure you’re using as much of this space as possible to explain your content and entice its readers.
  • Next, make sure to include a call to action! One simple way to encourage people to visit your website is by using these call outs to get them interested. Try using phrasing like: ‘learn more’, ‘register here’, or ‘buy online’.
  • Then, put keywords to use. Keywords are words and phrases that relate to your business and your content. They should be the most important words used to concisely explain the subject you’re sharing about.
  • Finally, check that it matches what’s on your page! Misleading meta descriptions will only earn you penalties from search engines, which will realize you’re misrepresenting your pages.
  • Make them unique. Your meta descriptions shouldn’t be the same as anyone else’s. While they do need to relate back to your website content, they are also how you’re drawing in viewers. Showcase what makes your business unique!

Does your website have meta descriptions? Not sure how to optimize yours? Want some more help? We’re here for you! Our team has all of the search engine optimization expertise to make sure your website is performing its best. Let’s get started!

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