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5 “Social Media Don’ts” Your Business Should Avoid

You’ve probably heard a laundry list of “social media do’s”– posting frequently, being consistent, utilizing Reels, and spreading your message in a way that’s relatable to your audience. There are so many tips and tricks out there that figuring out what to do to market through social media may not be a struggle for you.

However, something that many industry experts don’t focus as much time on is what NOT to do.

Let’s talk about some “social media don’ts” and why they’re important!
1. Don’t expect immediate results.

Just because you’ve made a profile for your business and created your first post doesn’t mean that customers will come flocking to you within minutes! Unfortunately, creating a winning social media strategy may require months of consistent work.

2. Don’t focus on just sales.

Social media is about creating connections. Your ideal clients don’t want to read through promotional posts, they want to see something fun, educational, engaging, or personal.

3. Don’t spend time worrying about followers and likes.

While these metrics are definitely worth looking at, what you’ll want to focus on is accomplishing your business goals. Are you seeing an increase in leads? Do you engage with your ideal customers? Are you driving traffic to your website? Focus on asking yourself questions along these lines instead to avoid this social media don’t.

4. Don’t ignore your comments and messages.

Not only does it seem unprofessional to let messages go unanswered, but giving your audience replies will help encourage their future engagement and it may just help you convert them into clients.

5. Don’t lose focus.

Everything you post for your business should have a purpose. While these messages shouldn’t all be promotional, they should carry some sort of meaning that’s relevant to your business.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of “social media don’ts,” but we hope this helps give you some basics to focus on! Keep these in mind while you’re jotting down some guidelines for your business to follow. If you want help with marketing, our experts have got your back! Let’s chat about how we can help.

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