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3 Easy Ways to Improve Reel Performance

Have you been making Reels for your business? These short videos have incredible reach and the potential to make a drastic impact on your marketing strategy. If you’re looking to improve your results, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you make a bigger impact with the Reels you’re making! Here are a few different ways you can enhance the Reels you’re making and how they perform!

1. Include text captions! Whether you’re speaking or using a trending audio, in-video captions are a must. This improves accessibility and will also appeal to users who watch Reels without sound– which is a big audience! You can create them with ease using the auto captions sticker when creating your Reel.

2. Add more information to your Reel. When you’re about to publish your video, take a look at the other fields you can fill in. Use these to add relevant tags, a message button, topics, and a location! Finessing these details can help improve the effectiveness of your reach and the outcome of views.

3. Utilize original and trending audio. Creating your own audio is one of the best ways to connect to viewers, improve your reach, and maintain interest. You can also take advantage of trending audios, which can improve your reach. You can find these by scrolling through your Reel feed to find audios with an upwards trending arrow next to them.

Use these tips the next time you’re creating Reels for your business! Taking just a few extra minutes to complete these steps can vastly improve your results, increase your reach, and bring you more business. Want some help learning more about marketing your business? We can help you with social media, content, email marketing, website design, and more!

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