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4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Business Blogs

It’s no secret that blogs are a powerful marketing tool. There are so many benefits to blogging for your business, including increasing traffic, boosting search engine results, drawing in your ideal customers, establishing your brand as an industry expert, creating content to share across platforms, and more! However, optimizing your work in creating and sharing these blogs isn’t as easy as simply writing and posting them.

Here are some of our best blog-boosting tips!

1. Answer questions your audience will want to hear. Think of what questions you’ve been asked, what your clients get confused about, and what you’d like to educate other people about! Blogs starting with question words (who, how, what, where, when, and why) are not only good ways to answer questions, but they’re more likely to hook your audience.

2. Utilize keywords from your industry. Think about how people would search for your business online. Create a list of words and phrases that you would use to describe your business – focusing on words that relate between your blog topic and your business – and jot them down quick. Making sure these words are included in your blog will help your content rank better online!

3. Add internal links to your blog. This might sound fancy, but it’s as simple as picking a phrase within your blog that relates to another page on your website and clicking a few buttons before posting your blog. This will help lead your readers to other pages of your website, drawing them further into your business and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

4. Speaking of conversions – make sure to end the blog with a call to action! This is best done in an ending paragraph that wraps up your blog topic and relates the content right back to your business. For instance, if your blog discusses why someone would want a certain product, then take some time to explain that you offer this product and how they can buy it from you! Make sure to add in any contact information or links at the bottom of the page, so they’ll know what to do next.

For more help in creating content that stands out and performs well, we’re here to help! i3 Media Solutions can not only give you the tips and strategy to help your content shine, but we can even make the content for you. Whatever level of assistance you need with marketing, we’re here to customize a strategy for you. Let’s set up a meeting through Facebook! 

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