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How to Get Your Customers to Market for You Over Social Media blog image

How to Get Your Customers to Market for You Over Social Media

You’ve probably seen it before: customers posting on social media about products and brands they love. They’re recommending this business to their friends, their followers, and for all of the platforms to see. Social media content like this is highly sought-after, and for good reason! Genuine recommendations can spread and catch on quickly, meaning high conversions and plenty of new sales for your business. Aside from becoming a huge brand or paying influencers, this type of content can seem like it’s up to luck.

That’s where you’re wrong! You don’t need to own a major brand or pay big money to get amazing user-generated content. In fact, there are plenty of ways for you to get some for your business! Here are a few ideas to get started:

1. Ask your clients to tag your business! This can be done in their Stories, Posts, Reels, or even profile bio, but these tags help get eyes on your business! Aside from that, the tags will alert you that someone has created content related to your business.

This enables you to share it in your Story, or you can even ask to re-share the content from your page and tag them back as thanks! Be sure to share your thanks with them for tagging your business to encourage more people to do so. Clients love to feel like they’re being thanked and rewarded for their loyalty.

2. Share user-generated content in your Story! As mentioned above, sharing this content in your Story can get more eyes on it, but also bring more attention to the original post that your client has made.

This means more attention for their page as well, plus the opportunity for you to thank them publicly, even before asking to share their content! People looking to grow their social media accounts will love that you’re helping benefit them, too!

3. Ask to re-share their content! If you love the post they made, the picture they took, or the Reel your business was tagged in, then ask your clients to re-share their content right on your business page. This gives you free content to utilize for marketing, but it also showcases them– giving them a chance to shine as well! It’s a great opportunity to encourage your audience to make more content for you, as well as to show your appreciation.

4. Create a community where sharing is done often. Make all of the above steps habits! Once you’re in a routine of having your business tagged, sharing, and re-sharing content, you’ll have created an online community for your audience through your page where they can connect and get to know one another through their love of your brand.

For help understanding any of the aspects in this blog article, or for more social media expertise, get in touch with our experts! Set up a free consultation through our Facebook page. 

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