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How & Why to Add Education into your Marketing Strategy

What is your marketing accomplishing? One of your goals as a business leader should not only be gaining new leads and sales, but also educating your clients.

This will not only assist you in earning those valuable clients and conversions, but it will also establish you as an expert in your field that creates meaningful content and promotes your line of work. If education is something you’d like to strive for, whether to accomplish your personal business goals or to steer more potential clients to your business, then consider changing up your marketing strategy to focus on it.

Here’s how to transform your strategy into one that informs your clients and potential customers in a meaningful way:

1 – Create informative content. Let’s start simple: pick one thing you’d like to teach your audience and turn it into a piece of content to use in marketing. This can be made into a social media post, a blog, an image, a video– however you’d like to do so, just focus on teaching them one message.

Next, you’ll need to use this content in marketing, whether that includes social media activity, email marketing, website updates, or more! Just start creating and publishing content with the intent to educate!

2 – Nurture a community dedicated to learning. Once you’ve been posting informative content, you can start weaving it throughout all parts of your marketing strategy. Use all avenues of your business marketing to deliver informative content! This doesn’t have to be constant, but ensure it’s woven through your other content in a way where it’s still prominent. This can mean that every month you dedicate one blog, four social media posts, and two Reel videos to spreading information. These numbers will look different for every business, so only do what makes sense for you.

This consistency with the theme of education can gain the interest of your ideal clients and keep your current clients interested, learning new things about your work and learning to rely on your business’ expertise.

3 – Share details! Sometimes, delving into the details is something that will draw your customers in! For instance, instead of mentioning your ‘organic ingredients’, make a point to list them out! If your team is educated and experienced, don’t be shy to share what exactly that includes. Details like this help your audience get to know and trust your business, ultimately serving you in creating the long-lasting connections that will help you be successful.

Whether education is a part of your mission, you’d enjoy sharing more business details, or you want to perform more successfully online, focusing on these aspects will help you get started! For more assistance in accomplishing these tasks or if you’re looking to really optimize your marketing strategy, set up a meeting with us! Book a free coffee chat consultation through the i3 Media Solutions Facebook page here. 

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