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Website Metrics For Business Owners: Click Path

This week, we’ll be looking at the Click Path analysis (with flow visualization).

This gets a little more advanced, however, it is very beneficial when you want to see where and how users navigate through your website. Finding the top landing pages that funnel users into conversions will help you understand which pages are working efficiently. Perhaps visitors are landing on Page-A, and 50% of those users go on to complete a sale. By comparison, users landing on Page-B only result in a 10% conversion rate. In this scenario, it would be beneficial to analyze Page-A and Page-B to try to improve Page-B’s conversion rate.

Additionally, it’s possible that visitors from different geographic regions follow a different click path. Be sure to analyze why! Understand your customers and give them what they are looking for, and your sales will naturally increase. Analyzing a visitor’s click path tells a story about their visit. Understand that story, and you’ll be on your way to success in no time.

As we mentioned earlier, knowing where your traffic is coming from is very important, however, knowing the path that your traffic takes around your website can really help in knowing if campaigns, social media, and other efforts are driving traffic to complete a conversion.

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