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Where Do You Look First?

You’re at home, and all of a sudden you find a leak in your ceiling, or there’s a clog in the kitchen sink; you need someone whom you trust to call and fix the issue you’re having. Where do you look first to find a business to come to your rescue?

Long gone are the days when we would pull out our phone book, flip to the category we need in the white pages and start down the list of business names. If you were lucky to be one of the businesses who could afford a big fancy ad, you probably got the call first. However, in our technology-flooded world, 70% of consumers now turn to Google to search for a business to help them. As a business, you are now left with hoping your website appears in the top few and will get the lucky click.

Having your website pop up at the top of a search engine is not about luck at all, it is actually all about search engine optimization (SEO). When building a website, this is a key factor in getting traffic to your website. A clear URL, an easy to view website, and relevant content can all affect your website’s search engine optimization.


Search engines use software called spiders or crawlers that search through website pages for relevant keywords. These keywords are then used to categorize your website into the huge search engine database. The crawlers also look for links to your page. Using a very complex algorithm, search engines use all this information to build a ranking system. Your ranking determines how far up on a search engine return page that your website will appear.

When developing your website and implementing SEO techniques, employing someone who fully understands search engine optimization is crucial – if done incorrectly (whether intentional or not), a website can actually be punished by a search engine.

All the factors affecting SEO can get very overwhelming. Contact i3 today and let us take the stress of developing a traffic worthy website off your hands.


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