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How To Convert Traffic to Leads

What if you only had one minute to tell someone all about yourself, what would you say?  What information about you would make someone interested in what you had to say?

When it comes to your business webpage, this is the mentality you must have.  What information needs to be conveyed in less than a minute to a visitor on your website in order to make them want to know more or to contact you?  Getting traffic to your website is a step in the right direction but if that traffic is not turning into leads for you, then it is wasted. 

Figuring out who the visitors to your page are is crucial in the process of making them a customer and not just another click on your page. So how do you do that?  One of the best ways to get to know who your website traffic is is to offer a benefit to visiting your page. 

A potential customer clicks on your website, scrolls for a few seconds, does not see anything that sparks their interest, and they leave.  Now add in something for them to benefit from by filling out a simple form and they have a reason to stay. 

Examples of a benefit for your website can include:

  1. Call now for a free estimate
  2. Sign up and start saving
  3. Make an appointment today to feel better tomorrow

You’ve given them a reason to stay on your website for longer and they give you the information you need to bring them into your business.

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