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How To Avoid the Top 3 SEO Pitfalls

Search Engine Optimization is a field that ties into all other forms of digital marketing, yet it’s one not often discussed with full clarity. Therefore, when it comes to various parts of the practice, there are many pitfalls to potentially fall for. As a business or anyone else interested in digital marketing, it’s important that you keep in mind that there are certain mistakes that can drastically affect your performance if you don’t keep them in check. Let us give you a rundown of the top 3 SEO pitfalls that you can work to avoid!

1 – Focusing on too many keywords. Keywords are crucial to maintaining focus during SEO work as well as in your meta and content verbiage. So, if you can think of a wide variety, that’s not necessarily a bad thing– just be sure to narrow them down. Limit your keywords to words and phrases more specific to your business. If you use every one that comes to mind, then keyword stuffing is a threat you face, in which a website is overburdened in them. Instead, focus on more specific words and phrases to better suit what’s searched for and avoid losing focus on your pages and in your content.

2 – Leaving social media out of your SEO strategy. SEO and social media should actually work best when done hand-in-hand, so try to weave in these efforts together. Do not focus on only SEO work, but take the time to start up and maintain a social media presence as well. Also, be sure to take advantage of backlinks! Linking back to your website and its various pages when posting on other platforms can be a wonderful means of drawing traffic and helping with those valuable conversions. Connecting these two aspects of digital marketing can be a huge advantage, so consider trying to connect the two with your efforts!

3 – Ignoring local search efforts. Not giving attention to your local crowd may work for some businesses that don’t do work in person, but when it comes to any business with a physical location or focus on certain areas, then paying attention to location-based SEO can go a long way. Catch the attention of the audience in your area by weaving your city, state, or other location features into your meta, titles, and content. With this, people searching for businesses specific to your area should be able to find you as well!

No matter your strategy or its performance, keeping these potential issues in mind and working to counter them from the beginning can prevent your business from falling for them. For more information or for help with your own SEO problems, give i3 a call today!

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