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5 Questions to Start Your Business’ SEO Work

When starting Search Engine Optimization work with a digital marketing company, you should expect a good amount of questions so that they can get to know your goals, what your main focuses are, and how to get there with what you currently have as well as what’s been done. However, it can be helpful to you as a business owner to get acquainted with what they may ask and why, in order to know what they’ll need and what to expect at your first meeting. If you’re looking to work with an SEO expert, give this list of questions a look to start gathering the information they’ll need from you:

1 – What account access will be needed to perform the work?

This is a common hang-up that can prolong the process, as more account permission than at first thought may be needed. For instance, to add SEO to your site it may just take WordPress login information, but if we’re also analyzing your social media, emails, or otherwise, then there may be many more pieces of information needed.

2 – What are your main goals?

There are a wide variety of goals that can be worked towards with SEO, whether you want to pick up your website traffic, you want specific actions from your audience (newsletter sign-ups, phone calls, etc.), or a focus on sales! No matter your main goal, working with a clearly defined goal in mind can help direct the entire SEO effort.

3 – Who is your target audience?

Knowing what kind of people your business is trying to reach out to and engage with will also be a big help in directing your SEO marketing efforts. What are your ideal customers like? How old are they? What specific features or lifestyles do they have? Pinpointing who you want to reach out to is a big part of deciding how to approach earning audience attention.

4 – What are the most important or significant parts of your website?

Furthermore, are there products, services, or specific pieces of information that should be highlighted? With SEO efforts, you have the chance to really push the most important aspects forward to your audience and to search engines, so knowing what parts are most important to you and your business will help SEO experts direct the attention you want.

5 – Are there any existing SEO issues or work being done?

Knowing what work has been done, what problems already exist, or what is currently happening with your digital marketing is of prime importance. SEO should tie into each part of your digital marketing strategy, so knowing what else has or is being done is a critical part of SEO experts understanding what is needed. How your business has been performing online and what’s been done about it is also critical to help with review and starting off on a new track.

For more information or to get started with SEO experts today, give i3 a call! We’re happy to discuss our methods and work openly with you throughout the whole process, revealing what is or isn’t working for your business and giving you realistic expectations as to how we can improve upon that. Rely on us to not only know what to ask but to explain the importance of each step and help you understand what we do.

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