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Four Crucial SEO Tags to Focus On

Search Engine Optimization has many aspects to consider— so many, in fact, that it can be difficult to focus on one at a time. However, it’s crucial to spend the time needed to at least fulfill the most key items of your SEO work. So, why don’t we start with a simple one? Tags! Tags are scattered throughout your website, but knowing which can have the biggest effect on your website’s SEO performance and focusing on them can bring you better results sooner. Here’s our list of four to focus your efforts on!

1. Title Tags – Title tags not only label your pages in the browser page tabs of your viewers, but they tell search engines about the content of the page. They also appear at the top of search engine results where the page is listed, ready to tell your audience what the page is about. These should be simple phrases and rather short, focused on the main points of your website. Usually, you include both your business’ name as well as page by page information in these.

2. Meta Descriptions Tags – Your meta description appears just beneath your title tag in search engine results. This spot is crucial to showcasing your content’s keywords and the right phrasing to further expand on what your page’s content is about, without writing more than a couple of sentences. These short lines are critical when it comes to proving to search engines that your pages each have unique information to showcase in their rankings!

3. Header Tags – Header tags are a part of your content itself, titling each page segment as an HTML tag option. These headers are important to dividing the content on your pages both by subject as well as visually for your readers. They also help to tell search engines more about the content on your pages– another important aspect to strive for!

4. Image Alt Tags – While your viewers can typically see your images, there may be times they can’t! In that case, it’s important to have image alts to explain to them what image is supposed to be there. The same goes for search engines! When they crawl your site, they can’t see your images and instead rely on drawing information from them through these tags! So, this is both a source of assistance for your audience as well as search engines’ ability to read your site.

Whether it comes to learning more about these four crucial tags or the other aspects of your SEO work, contact i3 today! We’re more than happy to not only perform SEO work for your business, with regular reporting and meetings to ensure you know how it’s going, but we’re also here to provide you with information and lead you in your own quest to learn more! Check out our other blogs for more SEO help!

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